Nick Carraway And Jordan Baker In The Great Gatsby

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Films that are adaptations of novels at times leave out important things that made the novel so special, and in return the film ends up as a poor portrayal of the story. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald devotes a considerable amount of attention to build up the relationship between Nick Carraway and Jordan baker, as well as providing Nick Carraway the ability to have more freedom in the way he expresses his thoughts and feelings. These concepts shift in the scene from the film directed by Baz Luhrmann, as it does not portray the intimate relationship between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker. The main focus of the film is Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, and because of that, it does not allow for another romance in the story. The film 's restraint of time also damages its ability to express the thoughts and feelings of the characters, specifically Nick Carraway. In the beginning of both the novel and film, there is a slight potential for the growth of a romance between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker. However, only the text develops that romance, while the film entirely ignores it. In the film, Nick and Jordan are …show more content…
He 's waited so long. He thought you might be offended. You see he 's a regular tough underneath it all. ' 'Why didn 't he ask you to arrange a meeting? ' 'He wants her to see his house, and your house is right next door '” (Fitzgerald 77).
This conversation does not exist in the film, and its importance is that is reveals how Nick feels about everything. The conversation gives the reader to figure out how Nick feels about Gatsby 's request at the moment. The infinite time in the text gives Nick the ability to express his thoughts and emotions significantly more than he can in the film. The film does not completely allow his thinking process to be seen or heard, but the text does. This shift between the film and the text allows the reader to better understand the characters, as well as the situations they are to

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