Essay on A Interview With The School Program

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I have known this program for years due to the fact that my brother attended, after conducting this interview I have gain lot more knowledge and background of the organization. However, I do remember was that the teachers from the after school program would go to the Public schools in the neighborhood and pick up the children for the after school program. My mom would tell me stories of when my brothers were in the program the teachers would teach the children more than what the DOE requires of them, and when a Specialist from the DOE would come for an inspection to see how things are going the teachers would often hide whatever they did that is not a part of the DOE Creative Curriculum. That was interesting to know that they are will to go off topic in order for the children to learn. I asked Mrs. B and she said they actually still because children are often curious and things will often get off tangent in order to nurture that child curiosity.
Friends of Crown Heights offer several programs to the children they include: Art &Craft, Music, Home economics, gymnastics, and language program in which children Spanish. The crafts is where people from the community hats is good at a certain skill like crochet, sewing they will come and volunteer and teach the children. I remember having Home Economics in high school in Jamaica and I got excited for the children when she told me about that program that they offer I think it’s a good thing for the children in the after school…

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