Essay on A Great Leader Gives Credit Due

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Research Design Leadership skills are displayed by a good demeanor and a multitude of moral actions. Leaders take pride in their selves and of the best interest of the organization they serve. Mentors respect everybody and value the input of their subordinates. These leaders also share their experience and set an example employees aspire to emulate (Economy, n.d.). A great leader gives credit due. Positive communication inspires workers to work harder with minimal stress (Collie, 2005).
Data Analysis Impressions are lasting and professionals build on the image by demonstrating virtuous character. Interpersonal competencies bring leaders closer to their set goals (Hall, 1982). A leader sets achievable objectives; both short term and long term. Achieving goals, build a sense of accomplishment and show dedication to success. A good attitude make learning easier. Other attitudes, such as opened mindedness and flexibility, can promote critical thinkers and enable personnel to deal with daily stress. Exhibits of positive characteristics are leadership traits. A leader displays calmness, emotionally disciplined, project a professionalism that will reduce stress anxiety in their employees. Furthermore, projecting a sense of compassion towards employees will subsequently give subordinates a sense of trust. A leader’s genuine concern and honesty is transparent to others: showing loyalty and respect towards their employees. Leaders uphold principles of leadership…

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