Terry Pratchett Leadership Style Analysis

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My Definition of Leadership

Personally, I believe leadership is defined by influence; by the ability to effect change in society. A leader is a person who sets a standard that others follow.

However, from an ethical point of view, that standard may be good or bad. Leadership is not interchangeable with honesty or principle; there are good people who simply do not inspire followers and bad leaders that are hugely effective in doing so.

In my opinion, a good leader respects and listens to all people, works as an equal member of the group, sets an example that inspires respect in others and only seeks power or influence so far as it will benefit the group. A bad leader, however, seeks power for their own gain and often uses their influence at the expense of others.

Leadership styles

There are several
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He may seem an unlikely choice for a leader, but he certainly has a fair amount of influence and thus falls within my personal definition of a leader. Though it has only been 66 years since his year of birth, Pratchett has sold over 85 million books, just shy of the just over 100 million sold by Lewis Carrol (182 years), Ian Fleming (106 years) or Roald Dahl (98 years). I know how much the books I had read have affected me, and having read several of Pratchett’s novels I can attest to the fact that they are rarely purely fictional and often parody or satirise real life people and events. Though his sphere of influence is much smaller than that of Gandhi or Tesla, I doubt that I am the only one in millions of readers to have had their ideas changed by his novels. I admire both the humorous and practical way in which he approaches the world around him. However, this is not the only way in which I have been inspired or affected by Pratchett. Pratchett is also a vocal supporter of human euthanasia, something I believe in very strongly myself and something I had never considered before reading about his activism in the

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