Communication Skills Of Good Leaders

7. Communication Skills of Leaders:
Leaders should be able to communicate effectively in order to be able to perform their responsibilities.
The importance of Business Communication is indispensable in case of social and business life. It is careful as the lifeblood of business. No business can develop in lack of Effective Communication. They care about other people and try to make them like him
Good leaders have good relationships with their employees. None of the employees would like to work under a bossy person who does not ask for any other opinion. They would like to see a good leader who asks for their opinion, respects and tries to understand them. Instead of giving orders and deciding everything by himself/herself a leader should
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A leader must encourage a two way communication and make sure that everyone feels like a part of the team. This can be very helpful for a healthy work environment and the team members will be motivated to do their best to achieve the targets.
. There are many intercultural offices these days and a leader who works there should know about their country aspects. A good leader does not care about stereotypes and treats every person from different countries equally without judging them. Also the leader of an intercultural team must respect the work culture of different diversities and must not force his or her culture on the team members.
They know how to make the conversation interesting.
A leader should be able to have good conversations without being boring. As it was mentioned earlier in the report, a leader must encourage a two way communication and not just expect the team members to blindly follow what the leader ordered them to do. A good leader with good communication skills will always create a conversation by incorporating audience feedback into your meeting or your presentation. Often, the less you talk and the more you listen and probe, the better. This makes people feel valued and
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In an organization there are many hard days as much as the good days therefore it is very important to have a motivated leader to get through this days easily and not give up. A good leader boost team morale and motivates them. A motivated leader is always a great example for the employees.
They are reachable:
Employees should be able to reach the leader freely without having barriers. A good leader is always there to lead their workers and help there if it is needed. If a leader wants his team to work productive he or she should be reachable when they need the leader`s help.
They are sure about their knowledge and confident with talking about it with others

The great communicators know what they are talking about. They are well prepared, and ready to talk about it. If they do not have enough knowledge about a topic, they would not talk about it before they search and learn it to prevent wrong information. Even if a leader has a great knowledge it is impossible to give an interesting presentation without having confidence. Leaders should be comfortable with their employees in order to do that getting to know them would be a great step. Every single person feels more comfortable with the people that they actually

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