Qualities Of A Leader In My School, Clubs, And Community

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Leadership is depicted as the process of inspiring, directing, coordinating, and mentoring individuals and organizations. Leadership skills help the leader to bring the world, communities and organizations closer to increase work productivity and performance. Leaders can also lead in many small things that can overall have a big impact. I strive to being a leader in my school, clubs, and community. There are some common traits that many leaders have and I think I possess some of those traits. Some of the characteristics to being a leader are: honesty, delegation, communication, and service. A time when I demonstrated the characteristics of a leader in my school was leading in many subgroups in my Robotics team. I was the lead in CAD, Field Elements, and Drive Base. I was also an active member of the Robotics Board.

Honesty refers to the moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes like integrity, truthfulness, and loyalty. In Robotics, we value honesty to ensure gracious
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You must be willing to serve others and the community. In Top Gun robotics, many people and I took that knowledge to heart. We served others by holding events for the public to attend, helped elementary schools to start a robotics chapter. We ran holiday bazaars for the families of Eastlake and the surrounding community. I helped run the holiday bazaars by volunteering to assist vendors in setting up their booths. I also helped organize during board meeting these out-reach programs. There is a small definition of service that is still vital to being a good leader, which is helping people so that they can provide assistance to the community. I taught practical skills like learning how to model in CAD or learning how to build a chassis, but I also taught them life skills like responsibility, respect, and attitude. Both practical and life skills aided the team in a whole by creating a positive and committed

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