Importance Of Active Listening In The Workplace

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Communication Communication is information exchange from one person to the other. Communication helps you determine what you actually think of a person and by communicating with others; it helps build a better image of you. Effective Communication is important to the growth and success of any business or organization. Without good communication skills, companies will not flourish and assignments will fail. It is nearly impossible to go through a day without the use of communication. Communication is very important in the workplace. Many employers are stressing when it comes to workplace communication. Effective communication has become a problem in the workforce today. Employees are not aware how important …show more content…
Active listeners show speakers that they are paying attention through verbal and nonverbal feedback, such as body language and paraphrasing” (Halsey, 2016,p.14).
Active listening is a skill that helps individuals to become empathetic as they gain first-hand the thoughts and feelings of others. Active listening is a communication skill that promotes understanding, awareness, and empathy between people. Active listening is important in all situations when individuals are communicating with each other. In fact an active listener tries to understand and grasp the concept of what is being advised, they examines and explains what they hear, and communicate back to the spokesperson. Active listeners let the speaker know they are pleased with the information given, which makes the spokesperson feel marvelous regarding the information they are delivering.
Communication Skills in the
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As a leader you have to be able to relate to your followers, you need to know what they are looking for, what drives them and what they expect from you it pushes the leader to be effective.
Trait Theory of Leadership and Leadership Style
Trait theory of leadership stems from personality theory which focuses on the leaders, personality, and traits. “Traits can be defined as a person’s enduring characteristics or depositions which give rise to their behaviors or behavior patterns”(Hill 2006, p. 218). Great leaders care more about the people they are leading than themselves when you care you will lead like it; they will do what is right not what is easy. Autocratic leadership is a leadership style that gives direct orders to employees regardless of what they think, why it should be done, or even how. The manager has to be in control they want their employees to just follow directions and do not want any input of feedback from an employee. Democratic leadership encourages decision making by team members they like to receive feedback and ideas from their team as they take it into consideration when goal

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