A Good Friend Of Mine Essays

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A good friend of mine had recently moved into this house in May 2015, she told me in the first day that she and her boyfriend had stopped by the house to do a walk thru before moving their thing over.(The house sat empty for a year and a half before they moved in).

They both experienced hearing voices and whistling in the early am hrs.(Between 1:00 am-3:00 am). Neither of them could find where these sounds were coming from.

After two weeks of living there, they both experienced a object jump off a table at least a foot into the air, land on the floor and roll up to her bf feet.

She also claims that she had been nudged down the stairs, hard enough to lose her balance once.

Within the third week, she and her bf had and remains to fighting daily, he even gotten to the point of denying everything he 's witnessed, even though he had openly talked to me about before hand.

The night the video was shot, she and her bf had been fighting, he went outside to his detached shop, and she went to bed. (She also claims that even though she gets enough rest, she is still very tired through out the day).

She remembers falling asleep quickly that night, then she claims that she had been awakened by what felt like someone taking a seat at the foot of her bed.

Thinking that it was her bf, she sat up to say something to him only to realize he wasn 't there, he wasn 't even in the house. Feeling uneasy, she grabbed her cell phone and began recording.

She said she had a small fan on…

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