Essay on A Feasibility Study Of Mega Bus

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Mega Bus have quit a few advantages for a company that recently entered into the market. Mega bus has learnt from past mistakes of other companies that have been operating in the US transport industry. A feasibility study carried out reveled possible sources of these failures. For any business entering a new market, it is easy to avoid doing things that other companies have done to land them into problems. For example, Mega bus has been able to analyze the events that led to companies like greyhound that led to their bankruptcy in the mid 90’s. Greyhound suffered from poorly maintained terminals, high bus fares and unsafe operations conditions. Mega bus has been able to tackle these challenges in the following ways;
Some of their fares are as low as $1, they offer free Wi-Fi, stylish buses and free power tapping points, Online booking of tickets, Eliminating the purchase of window tickets that led to high ticket prices and you avoid the expensive terminal operations by picking up and dropping passengers at sidewalk
Mega bus has been able to transform the industry by introducing internet sales as a way of picking tickets at the comfort a client’s home. The common bus transport that was there before Mega bus has now been transformed, under the watch of Mega bus, into a modern and desirable mode of transport that fits in the current technological generation.
Coming up with the first mobile app for bus services, bathroom services, power outlets and free Wi-Fi have seen Mega…

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