A Developing Lifestyle Essay

893 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
A developing lifestyle Our world is continuously developing. We often notice the changes in our society, technology, and earth itself physically. We have learned to accept these changes although we may disagree with some. There has been much ruckus among our society when it comes to homosexual couples being able to get married.
Homosexual marriage is a relationship of two people of the same sexuality being married. In my opinion, everyone should be given the option to marry whoever they want. Happiness is the most important thing of all. Despite knowing better, denying homosexuals the right to marry is discrimination, unconstitutional, and will cause homosexuals stress Denying homosexuals the right to marry is discrimination, unconstitutional An advantage of legalizing homosexual marriage is the child adoption rate will increase. A second advantage is same-sex marriages will bring a financial gain to governments, agencies and other facilities. Denying homosexuals the right to marry may also cause stress and lead to more depression. Firstly, denying same-sex couples the opportunity to marry is discrimination and unconstitutional. For instance, If a woman wants to marry a man she is allowed to do so. However, if a man wants to marry a man he cannot. This is an example of sex discrimination. In some religions, such as Hinduism, homosexuality is not defined as a sin. They believe that each human has their own attraction to love and they do not…

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