A Debate On Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control
With many shootings and massacres happening within the past decade, gun control has become the heated topic of today’s society. There’s a debate on the legislation of gun control, determining rather or not legislation is needed.
Those in the support of more legislation on gun control believe that the number of deaths caused by guns will be brought down. According to the Counterpoint Article, Japan and England hold some of the strictest gun control laws, leading to the results in “the world’s lowest homicide rates” (Ballaro). Knowing that there are fewer deaths in a country can cause a tone of peace to a lot of people. Roughly thirty thousand people in America die from gunshots each year (Ballaro). Gun control advocates state that the number of and different types of guns in the hands of the American public is simply too great (Lee). Another advantage is the comfort and knowledge of being able to feel safe when taking a stroll through the streets or children playing outside at night, without feeling life threating.
Those not supporting gun control as a disadvantage would be those who use guns for hunting or sports. Hunters purchasing guns would be at a disadvantage because of the longer process they would have to go through and the increasing cost. This could result in them not being able to practice the sport at all. Another disadvantage to gun owners would be the lack of protection of and on their property. The American people would have no way to defend…

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