A Customer Walks Into A Restaurant Essay

1291 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Picture this a customer walks into a restaurant and gets seated. Their waiter walks to the table and asks if they would like to order. The meal comes out hot, fresh, and delicious. The customer leaves happy. What they didn’t know though was that their waiter messed up. He put in the order wrong, and by the time he realized what happed it was too late the order was already made. So the cooks had to go out of their way just to make sure the order was right, and was done quickly. The customer didn’t know this they thought everything was fine. That’s what usually happens in a restaurant the customers never see what goes on behind the scenes. That’s why I wanted to find out what’s on the inside. In a restaurant there are many jobs that take place to keep it running. As customers we only see a few manly waiters and waitresses, but we don’t see who makes our food or who runs the restaurant like the managers. To get some insight I sat down with a few people from the crew of Max and Erma’s restaurant. I wanted to get a perspective from everyone in the restaurant. There are some many parts to a restaurant that I want to understand the ones we don’t see every day. I started my quest with people we see all of the time waiters. Even though we always see them smiling at us we don’t see what else they have to deal with. There are many pros and cons to being a server. Pros being that you can work less hours and still be able to make the same amount of money if the restaurant is busy…

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