A Comparison Of My Experience In High School And College

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Journal Entry #1, pages 21 and 22
1.To contrast I will speak of my experiences in High school compared to College. Some surface-level features included Age of students, Teachers’ treatment of students, Involvement of parents, and Clothes.
Starting off compared to High School and College the Age of students is completely different. In High school ages varied from 15-20. Compared to College for me I have experienced and seen ages from 18-60. It was quite a shock but it was a positive thing I believe because in College most of the students are more mature than high schoolers. Then, there is the way Teacher’s treat students. In high school since most not all but most students act immature teachers have to be more controlling and strict. With College it’s the complete opposite in most cases teachers treat their students as adults because in college we are adults. If you choose not to do your work that’s your problem, you need to learn your responsibility. Next, there is the Involvement of parents. In high school parents are very involved in most cases such as getting counselor appointments, filling out certain paper work, and also with the control of discipline. In College like I
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This sounds the most difficult because for me once something becomes a habit or second nature it is hard to break. I believe that us students should still get a type of assistance or guidance on what we are doing wrong and how we will and can change it so that we may improve. Also focusing on a point spoken of in the book some students need help and if they don’t receive this help it then leads to students focusing on their weaknesses which then keeps them from succeeding. So with that being said students and in reality everyone in general many times need a little push so that we can be able improve our weaknesses and develop new

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