A Career As A Public Service Worker Essay

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A career as a public service worker requires a dedication to helping people within the community and advancing that community to make it a better place for all those who live within it. This requires a responsibility that both challenges and rewards those who choose to work as a part of this industry. For these reasons, I would be honored to earn my Executive Master of Public Administration degree, so that I may enhance the contribution to my own community and better serve the people who are a part of it.
In my history of working in the public sector, I have been able to interact with organizations that allow me to service people along with building my skills to offer quality assistance. This helps make my community a safer place to live, even if I can offer just a small contribution. An example of this can be seen in my time as an Immigration Enforcement Agent. In this position, I have been able to eliminate threats to both local and national safety by assisting in apprehending those who pose a threat to citizens. It has allowed me to provide a necessary public service that is vital to the laws and freedoms we have as individuals. With the backing of the legal system, I was able to help ensure the proper laws were enforced and carried out properly to provide a safer environment. Law enforcement is a challenging position and can certainly bring risk with carrying out associated duties. However, I have found it to be rewarding as well because I have contributed to…

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