A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

2040 Words Nov 24th, 2016 9 Pages
In September of 2015, the image of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi 's lifeless body being pulled from Turkish waters forced the world to shift its collective gaze towards Syria where thousands of individuals were risking their lives in order to flee their war-torn country. What began as a civil war, has resulted in the largest displacement of individuals since World War II. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most pressing issues that the world is facing today. The influx of refugees into neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey has put enormous pressure on the already vulnerable states to house and feed a growing migrant population. Although some western countries, such as Germany and Sweden initially opened their borders to Syrians fleeing their homeland, rising nationalist sentiment and anti-Islamic rhetoric have made it difficult, if not impossible for Syrians to resettle in their new countries. U.S and Russian involvement has effectively used Syria as a battle ground for a proxy war that does not seem to have an end in sight, muddying the waters even further. Without a concerted effort on behalf of the international community to recognize the scope of this humanitarian crisis or willingness to open their borders to resettle Syrian refugees and fund U.N programs as well as quell the anti- Islamic and nationalist sentiments brewing within their walls, the Syrian refugee crisis will remain indefinitely as the single most challenging issue facing global politics…

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