Stages Of Genocides: The Darfur Genocide

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Some genocides that have already have past met all the stages of genocides. Which are classification of cultures, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination, and denial. While genocides today are not following all these stages of genocides and mostly containing organization and extermination. The Darfur and Syria genocides are sadly still going on in today’s world and both involve their country’s governments and rebels and however, they have different ways of starting and how other governments and UN got into their conflicts

The Darfur genocide convey violent behavior from the government and rebels forces against each other and the people of Darfur, because of who they associate themselves with
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The Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan (2004-present) states “Also the Islamic people wanted a bit of land the African people owned so they hired the Janjaweed to raid and loot Darfurian villages.” The civilians of Darfur genocide are constantly see dead bodies and struggling to live regular lives because of the civil war. In Darfur 4 million people are internally displaced and 2 million people have died since the genocide has started. Some people of Darfur with their families have decided to get out of Darfur and become refugees and move to bordering countries. In the Darfur Genocide article states, ¨… people have been displaced within Darfur, with several hundred thousand more fleeing into neighboring countries such as Chad, Central African Republic, and Egypt.¨ In some people's opinion they think that the Sudanese government is most responsible for their actions in the Darfur genocides, because in the Genocide in Darfur region of Sudan states, The Arab groups have been nomadic herder while the African groups were pastoralists. The Sudanese …show more content…
The beginning of the Syrian genocide was on March 2011 when ¨Violence flares in Daraa after a group of teens and children are arrested for writing political graffiti. Dozens of people are killed when security forces crackdown on demonstrations.¨ stated by CNN Syrian Civil War Fast Facts When the civil war in Syria broke out after those events 400,000 Syrians died with 4.81 million people who fled Syria in december of 2016. However, the people still in Syria 6.3 million are internally displaced throughout the country. In the Syrian genocide there are many countries backing up the fighting groups in three wars happening in Syria. In the main civil war the Syrian government backed by Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah against the rebels backed by US led coalition, Turkey, and Gulf States. Also the Sectarian war also known as the religious war, the Shiite made up of Iran, Hezbollah, and Alawites fighting the Sunni made up of Rebels backed by the Gulf states. But however the rebels are also fighting ISIS. Finally, the proxy war but neither sides are actually fighting each other but this war involves the US and Gulf States against Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. There are also factions of fighting groups in Syria, the CNN Syrian Civil War Fast Facts reads, “There are four main factions if fighting groups throughout the

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