Eight Stages Of Genocide

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Before the reasons for why people take part in genocide, one last thing about the causes of genocide will be presented. This will be the eight stages of genocide. It is important to talk about the stages of genocide as it plays a crucial part in the understanding of basics of genocide and its causes. The ten stages of genocide are classification, symbolization, discrimination dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, persecution, extermination, and denial (Stanton). In classification, this is where people establish the different groups by race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. In symbolization, this is where names or symbols are given to the groups that were classified in the first stage. In the discrimination stage, the …show more content…
There were different levels of participation from the joiners, as some were more violent and involved, while others were not as violent or involved. Joiners often had a sense of commitment to the community, as they would do things to help out in the community. In Fujii’s journal article, it was said that joiners may have decided to participate in genocide because of communal reasons (Fujii 581). This reason of joiners deciding to partake in genocidal events can be linked to the previous reasons of ethnicity dilemmas. For example, they would maybe choose to join because of the instilled fear that their family may be harmed from the perpetrators. Another reason that was found to contribute to joiners joining the events had to do with recruitment. Specifically, the type of recruitment that was done was recruitment of close people, in other words, people that were related to perpetrators were recruited by them (Fujii 581). For example, Fujii stated that if people related to the perpetrators elected to decline the invitation to join in on the genocide, then that person would most likely be killed. Looking at the reason for people deciding to partake in genocide really stems to fear based reasons, meaning that allot of the joiners simply joined because they had fear of being killed themselves. Lastly, as seen in the previous two paragraphs, the forcing of individuals to join genocide by use of threat is a major contributor to people participating as well. It is because of the fear they endure, is what untimely forces them to participate in genocide even if they really in truly do not want to

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