Just War Issues In Syria

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All across the news the headlines are consistently referencing Syria. Pictures and stories show children in environments where they are being bombed and forced to leave their country. Witnessing pictures of children and women being killed by bombings makes me think, how can this be acceptable? How can we be letting this happen? The unjust events happening in Syria
Thesis: The Syrian conflict in Aleppo violates the principles of Just War Theory and The UN Declaration of Human rights because of the incredible negative impact on the Syrian civilians.
The background of the Syrian conflict begins all the way back to 2011. The conflict began because of tension between the Syrian government, especially the president Al-Assad, and rebels who wish
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The city of Aleppo has been the major battleground in this conflict and is the city where the violations of basic rights are taking place. The reason Aleppo is the focus point is because of its massive population and was the center for industry and finances (BBC News). The Syrian Government and the FSA fought for years in Aleppo and both sides violated Just War Theory and the Declaration of Human Rights.
Just War Theory is the concept that there are rules to war. These rules are organized into different conditions that explain what can and cannot be done in combat. One component of Just War Theory includes Jus in Bello. This section of Just War Theory basically states that there are laws of war when explaining how the combatants will fight. One of the rules of war includes Discrimination. Discrimination means that the war must discriminate between civilians and people in combat. With that being said, civilians cannot be made the target in a Just War. This directly correlates with the conflict in Syria because innocent civilians are being killed from massive barrel bombs from the Assad regime. Interestingly enough, the bombs are used to target against the rebel group, FSA.
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Unfortunately, though this document was created to help sustain human rights, they are being violated across the world. There is a major violation of Human Rights in Syria currently, especially in the city of Aleppo. One of the articles in the Declaration of Human Rights by the UN states, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” This means that just by being a human, you have the right to life, security and liberty. In Aleppo, this is not the case. Omair Shaaban, who was a student at the University of Aleppo, describes to the Washington Post what it takes to survive in Aleppo. He explains to the Washington Post, “First of all, to survive the many different kinds of airstrikes, shells, rockets, phosphorus bombs and cluster bombs, you’ll need to live on the lower floors of a building” (Shaaban). This excerpt explains that the civilians living in Aleppo are not obtaining the right to life liberty and security of a person. Shaaban has to live on the first or second floor of the building to avoid the bombings. This is a non-threatening civilian who has to plan his life around bombs. Though he may take these steps to be safe, that does not ensure that he will live. This man, is one of many who are not able to live their life due to the conflict happening in Aleppo. The UN Declaration of Human Rights states that Shabaan has the right as a human to live. Not only

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