Islamic Culture In Syria

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There is good and then there is bad in this world. Each person, each country, everywhere on earth there is good and there is bad. There is bad within the good and there is good within the bad. Each and every single person can never say they are perfect or completely good. Everyone has bad within them, But everyone will always have good within them. Some just have bad within them, and the others well they have good with in the bad. What my point is here is that Syria isn’t a perfect country every one hears about Isis and how they have this on going war. I’m going to be honest Syria isn’t a great a place they are the good within the bad. They have little good in them. There are murders and bombings, children used as a suicidal bombs. I’m not …show more content…
The culture for the Syrian people are called Sunni Muslim which is Islamic. Majority of people in the United states have a very strong opinion against the people in Syria. What I mean by that is the U.s. has a free choice of culture, you be who you want to be. Islamic culture is a very different culture. It isn’t something people from here would even consider. Islamic is translated to the “submission to God”. The Islamic religion has five basic belief that they are to memorize. 1. Belief in one god; this is one of the most important beliefs. The one god is Allah which is simply translated from arabic to god. (Al)(lah), 2. Belief in prophethood; Muhammad is revered as “the Seal of Prophets” the greatest messengers of god. Muhammad was not great in anyway for islam doesn’t allow the damage he had done, 3. Belief about life and Salvation; The muslims believe that the way of life is to please the one and only god Allah in order for them to gain paradise in the afterlife. , 4. Believe in Imams of god, 5. Believe in the day of judgment; Islam teaches the existence of souls and transformed existence of after life. They believe there will be a judgment day for humanity to be divided between the eternity of paradise or hell.(“Islam.” 13 Nov. 2015. Web. Accessed 6 Apr. 2016. …show more content…
The most important thing to know is more of an opinion it isn’t exactly a fact. We are all human beings born from different people from people in love from people that had to follow a tradition and get married at a young age. We are all born from the people who gave us life which is our parents. Our parents then raised us, maybe not all some were raised in an upsetting place that didn’t bring them to a great place in life that they are today. What I am trying to say is we were all born from different people which makes us all different in a unique way. We are different from skin, hair, voices, eye color, body types, but what matters the most is we are all different on the inside. What I mean by different on the inside was we all grew up differently no one has ever been raised the same way. Maybe the same tradition but there is always a difference in the way people grow up. Which makes them who they are today or who they will be in a few years from now. We all have these personalities and stories in our lives that made us who we are and who we will be. Funny, shy, smart, talented, loud, obnoxious, and the list goes on and on. You are probably wondering what my final point is in this. Well people everyday get judged from what they look like, how much money they have, where they come from, what there culture is. But no one ever stops to think about how a person really is, it all just seems

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