Essay about A Brief Note On Michigan Teen Work Hours Pros And Cons

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Michigan Teen Work Hours Pros And Cons
Should teens ages sixteen through eighteen be able to work as many hours as they wish without limitations? The current law is that minors can’t work and go to school more than forty-eight hours a week. But since school isn’t optional, students are only able to work no more than eighteen hours a week. There are some cons to kids working more hours but I believe there are more pros. Teens are the future of this nation; shouldn 't they learn good workmanship at an early age? I personally think teens should work as many hours as they wish. There are teens that are very responsible and very time savvy. They can handle multiple things being thrown at them at once. Working teaches them responsibility before they’re on their own. They understand the value of a dollar, how to save money for a rainy day, and how to start a bank account and split checks between checking and savings. They can gradually start making payments on things such as phone bills, car insurance, and other miscellaneous things. They learn to be responsible and how to manage money. A lot of times teens don 't have stability; their job encourages dedication and persistence so they can learn how to be consistent. Working more hours help teens be consistent. Students learn how to manage time between work and school.
Studies show when teens have jobs in their adolescence they maintain jobs in their adulthood. Shouldn’t teens learn good workmanship at an early age? Yes, they…

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