A Brief Note On Australian Red Cross Blood Service Essay

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An image is worth a thousand words. Sometimes complex ideas that are difficult to express in words can be easily conveyed with the help of images. Images also possess the ability to be simultaneously simple and natural while playing with the wits of the viewer. ARCBS (Australian Red Cross Blood Service) is a part of the International Red Cross that seeks donations of two varieties for assistance in medical treatments namely cash and blood. The image that I have chosen is an ad print published by the ARCBS with assistance from a reputed ad agency M&C Saatchi. The advertisement proposes that though one of the two means of the donations is not familiar among the crowd, it is equally important as the other and tries to attract the readers towards blood donation.

The overall sketch drawn by the advertisement is very straightforward, but in a very minimalistic way. There are very few colors used and white is made the central theme of the picture, which soothes the readers’ eyes, and they tend to read through it. There is a simple, transparent donation box filled with blood that clearly creates a sense of something unusual. The box is placed on a table that is plain white and the background is blurred. This effect focuses the viewer’s attention on the donation box compelling their inquisitive brain to go through the whole image.

The creators of the ad have appealed to the logos of the viewers by conveying their message with two main elements. The first is the text attached above…

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