A Brief Note On A Sub Saharan African Country Of Ethiopia Essay

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Raised in a Sub-Saharan African country of Ethiopia, there is a different meaning of sickness than what people know in a first world country. In simple words, sickness meant nothing shorter than death. Colds, allergies, flu and so many sicknesses are simply the result of your fault and the cure to all these sicknesses was to deal with it. Yes, I said it, deal with it was the response from my parents to my older siblings.
Although some sicknesses are not considered a sickness, whenever my parents got sick in a slightest way, it was considered a big deal. When I was a kind, not exactly sure how old I was, I remember the time when my father got sick and spent 3 days in his bed. It was the time I got exposed to what sickness meant and how it could affect my life. I used to look in between the open doors as my father was getting treated by the traditional physician also known as the Wegesha person. Although I did not understand what kind of complication my father was facing at the time, I knew losing him would have devastated. I admit it was a scary reality to be faced with at a young age. Good thing the doctor did his job and my father is still alive and well.
A few years after my father 's major sickness, my beloved mother got extremely sick. At the beginning, she was having difficulty walking and after a few days she got completely paralyzed below the waistline. In addition, she started having difficulties with her vision. I was so afraid I was going to lose her, the…

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