Personal Narrative: Stage II Neuroblastoma

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How would you feel if you watched your dad die a miserable death and then twelve years later you discover you have the same cancer. I was four years old when he died, he was a fantastic dad. I don’t remember much at all but I definitely know that. He would always play games with me at the park and get me superman ice cream. When he was diagnosed no one told me anything besides, he was extremely sick. We commuted the short distance to Boston to get his treatment.
I was constantly shut out by my parents and the doctors. I guess it’s because I was a four year old boy. I never realized what was really happening to my dad until a doctor told my mom he was going to die soon. They thought I was asleep, but they were very wrong.
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I don’t have many friends just my games and me living “life”. It’s the same cancer that my dad had, stage II Neuroblastoma, the doctors say I have six or seven months to live. The cancer is fatal, but know one knew that it was genetic except for him. He could have saved my life, but instead he just died, leaving me here to live with the mother from hell. My parents are awful. I don’t live at home anymore because I didn’t feel welcome in that living with that diabolical woman. My mom doesn’t seem to care about me anymore, she is still in desolation from my father’s death, so I am basically on my own. But, I like it that way much better than with the devil summoner. She resorted to drugs about a year ago. It started as painkillers, then it went much further. Social Security sent me away around two months ago. I moved into a quiet hospital about two months ago, the doctors are nice, but it just reminds me of my dad. I guess that’s because this is where my dad died, two floors below, was where he said his last words. The doctors know that and make sure to not bring him up, but someday’s that is unavoidable. Like today, I was in my English class and Mrs. Hill brought up parent weekend and how she was hosting a gathering in the hospital commons. I felt awful, although it was almost thirteen years ago I still remember those horrifying days like

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