Personal Narrative: The Death Of My Father

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The most important thing to ever happen to me is without a doubt the death of my father. That moment in time has, and will, continue to shape my life until the day I die. A lot of people assume I miss him. I don 't. (How horrible does that sound?) It 's not that I don 't like him because I do, I just find it hard to miss someone I never had. I don 't know him, I don 't know if he has a middle name, I don 't know what he liked to do in his spare time, and I don 't even know when his birthday was. The one thing I know about him was that he was depressed.

My father passed away when I was barely one. The cause? Accidental overdose. I 've never told anyone that before, because quite frankly, I was ashamed, ashamed that the reason I didn 't have
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She 's always been there for me, she was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, she was there when I needed someone to help me through the rough spots in my life too, and she was there when none else was. My mum truly is superwoman. She 's been an amazing mum, but she 's also been a great dad. She 's the reason I 'm the person I am today and I truly am blessed to have her in my as my Mother. They say that your personality isn 't truly yours, that it belongs to the people around you and for me that couldn 't be any truer, I grew up with only girls surrounding me and, well you can imagine how that didn 't do wonders for my masculinity. At all! Although it wasn 't all bad, one of the upsides to having girls constantly around you is that you learn from a young age how to treat women correctly. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best of experiences in primary school, I was bullied for the fact I was more feminine than masculine, I was bullied for all my friends beings girls, I was bullied because I never stuck up for myself. I remember I’d always get so angry because they were picking on me for something I couldn’t control it wasn’t like I chose to have no dad nowadays though I understood that they were just immature kids and didn’t know what they were saying was very

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