A Blink Of An Eye Essay

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In a Blink of an Eye Do you want to know what it’s like to see improvement over a short period of time and how it makes one feel? I came into Comm a proficient writer due to the English teacher from my high school, I never knew I’d come out of Comm an even better writer. Improvement can always be made and that evident in my reflection of this semester in Comm 1015. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over a period of time. As the first semester comes to a close I want to discuss how I have improved and bettered my writing ability though hard work and extra attention to my issue areas and how proud I am of my work. I came into college a novice writer. My first assignment with Ms. Shinault was the introduction letter and it’s the first one I’d like to highlight it as one of my starred assignments. This assignment set the tone for how I perceived of my teachers grading, I was expecting a really difficult teacher, but instead she give very constructive criticism. She has her students always at her forethought and how she can better them. I received a 92% on the assignment which I was quiet proud of until I later realized she increased her grading to be more difficult which makes sense. Another aspect of the introduction letter I am proud of, is how well I did for never having written an official letter. In high school I never learned how to write a formal letter, so I am glad I now know how to write a letter. The last aspect of the letter I am proud of is how I…

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