7 Reasons Why Social Media Is A Waste Of Time?

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When a family moves out of town, and talking to them in person is out of the picture, social media can help. Social media has been around for a while now and the question has been asked if it’s favorable or awful. Before social media, people would be limited in knowing where to go or what to do in situations, but with media people are able to do much more. Research has shown both positive and negative outlooks by using it. Although social media can become addicting and may lead to social seclusion, online usage does not point to isolation, because it provides learning opportunities, keeps society up to date on current events, and help families and friends stay in touch.

Some will say that social media is a waste of time, but that is not
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No longer is anyone limited to the news you can access on a magazine and according to technofaq, “Newspapers are still widely read, however, digital audience uses tablets and mobile device applications in order to access them” (7 Reasons Why Social Networking is good for our society). On a mobile device you don’t have to wait for someone to deliver your paper and now you can look up any type of news you would like. This is revolutionary since people can find out news about anything they need to know or just plain out topics someone wants to be educated on. Also, some important Information that is needed to know such as breaking news could happen at any time and be already too late by the time you find out about it through other resources. (7 Reasons Why Social Networking is good for our society). In that regard, social media is essential so that people can be alerted about emergencies right on the spot to help notify as many people as possible. So, social media does not isolate people from the world, it shows anyone more to about events going …show more content…
Most social media have tons of users and “facebook counts more than 1.39 billion users” (7 Reasons Why Social Networking is good for our society). Therefore, there are many options of people out there to mingle and talk to including close friends and family, who do not quite live nearby. With the help of social media you can still keep up with anyone by seeing their posts, even if they live in a whole other continent. In addition, messengers in various social platforms have replaced letters sent through the mail, so that anyone can talk to someone as soon as possible. (7 Reasons Why Social Networking is good for our society). This means that you can talk to coworkers, classmates, friends, family, or all of them at once by just flicking open a form of social media on a device. So rather than having to try to coordinate for everyone to come somewhere for just having to say some quick news they can just look at a message in a group chat to know. Since social media introduces anyone to new people and helps build the relationship with somebody they already knew media doesn’t isolate

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