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HR Profession Map is an online self-assessment tool for CIPD members. It can be used to assess your capability against the activities, knowledge and behaviours in the CIPD Profession Map and access recommendations for development.
HRPM describes knowledge, activities, skills and behaviours that any HR professional needs to posses to be successful in their HR role. It consists of ten professional areas including two core areas which are Strategy, Insights and Solutions and Leading HR. The core areas present sets of skills that every HR professional should be competent at regardless which of the four bands they fall into. Band one is for those in supportive/assistant admin roles. Band two is for those in an advisory role
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It is also my responsibility to ensure that all employees are familiar with company policies and procedures, in particular “Standards of Behaviour” document. This document is signed by each employee and it outlines how employees are expected to work and interact with each other. It also gives employees the confidence that their organisation is concerned about how employees work together. As a part of my job role, I also help managers in monitoring how each employee performs at their job and reward top performers. I support managers in carrying out regular supervisions with employees to evaluate their performance, and identify areas they need additional training in. Every month I will ensure that the name of the employee who performed best is displayed on the company notice board, and along with the manager I will reward the top performer with a gift card in front of the whole team. That way ouremployees are reassured that their work is valued, it also motivates and inspires the entire team to work at their best.


Often in my job role, I have more than one customer that requires my assistance at similar times. Recently I had three customers contacting me at lunch time on the same day asking for my help. These customers were:

* Client- telephoning to inform that our online services are down * Manager- wanting me to be present at grievance meeting * Croupier enquiring about his holiday entitlement


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