12 Domains of Culture Essay

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My top 5 values are:

1. Family is by far my most important value. Without family I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Rather it’s my grandparents, parents or wife, when nobody else is there for me they are. Family however isn’t just about blood relatives with me but my closest friends in the world too. The same respect and love I have for my actual family I have for my closest friends too, so I consider them extended family.

2. Respect is my second value. Without having respect for someone or something then you won’t ever have progress in whatever you wish to accomplish. The cool thing about respect is, it’s earned and not given. When there is
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There are three specific things which come to mine when I think of strengths. The first is leadership. I think rather before the military or during the military I have had a tremendous drive to lead throughout the years. Some people are born with the natural attribute to lead but I learned to follow in my early years which in turn have taught me to lead effectively. My next strength is flexibility. I see the world for what it is, so I understand there will be good and bad days. By understanding there will be good and bad days I became flexible a long time ago. Everyday is not going to be a good day but the objective is to ensure the good outweigh the bad days. My last strength which comes to mind is I am proactive. When I first came into the military I was pretty lazy where I just waited on things to happen. Now I look to make the good great and I look to make the bad good. I don’t wait for anyone to tell me to get things done; I just get them done because I know they need to be done.

Along with my strengths, I also identified three specific weaknesses when it comes to me. The biggest weakness I have is learning to become patient. Sometime I have a very hard time realizing things take time. Rather being a kid waiting on Christmas, waiting on the love of your life to come along or trying to put that project together in your work center it all comes back to patience. My next weakness is trying to

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