10 Habits To Build A Strong Marriage Analysis

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I am sure every woman have dreamed of the day they will be saying I do with their prince charming. Rather it consisted of him being a professional athlete, the diamond earrings she will wear or how long the train of her wedding gown will be. When it is all said and done it boils down to two questions: How to maintain a healthy but yet strong marriage.
When I think of marriage I think of fun, exciting and most of all spending the rest of my life with my husband who happens to be my “best friend.” In my opinion marriage happens to be one the most rewarding gifts God could have given human life, because it enables a man and woman to come together as one. Over the years, the topic of marriage have been reviewed in a positive and negative manner. I believe that in order to have a good marriage one must first know what they want. After reviewing Slovie Jungreis-Wolff article 10 Habits to Build a Strong Marriage she made some excellent points on how to build and maintain a strong marriage. In the process she also shows us why some marriages fail, although her article was not based on this. Slovie also states, “It is easier to blame and put responsibility on your spouse than acknowledging that marriage is a partnership.” And I agree, a marriage should be about being a team not having one of the partners feel as if
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