Factors Affecting Marriage

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Marriage is when two people make their relationship official, and permanent in a way which it is suppose to last forever until “death do us part”. Then again, for the past century, we have seen this practice of marriage increasingly cut short by the tragedy of divorce. Until death do us part can last several decades in a marriage, and a lot can happen during those decades of life. Your life changes and goes by every day and you can’t take a single one back or for granted. Your body changes, personality, loved people around you come and go, and your romantic love waxes and wanes. For most married couples, satisfaction declines over time, meaning that couples typically become less and less happy with their relationships the longer they’ve been …show more content…
Gender roles, dating, and communication can play a huge role in how woman discriminate their body. For example, gender roles can come into place by saying women should work out and stay fit, while eating almost nothing to define their gender. Yes, woman should take care of herself, but it is okay to have cheat foods and not work out everyday if you have a busy schedule. Another example that can contribute to the problem of woman wanting to become rail thin is dating. Several women believe that they need to try to be flawless and skinny in hope for a guy to date her, or continue dating her. They don’t see that a guy could be attracted with her because of her personality instead of her looks. It is almost like a competition between other girls still even when you are dating someone because girls are always so self-conscious. The other example that is contributing to the problem of being rail then for girls is factor of communication. Lack of communication is one of the biggest contributors to why several women feel this way. For example, one of my friends was always a little bigger than the rest of the girls in my friend group. She started working really hard by working out so her boyfriend would notice her more instead of making rude comments on how we are so skinny. Even when she lost 20 pounds that she didn’t need to lose, he still didn’t give her one compliment in their relationship. That relationship with the lack of communication by not just telling her she’s beautiful anyway ruined my friends self esteem

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