Examples Of Marriage Counseling

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Register to read the introduction… The husband is the head of the home. B. The wife should not be employed outside the home. C. The husband should help regularly with the household chores D. It is alright for the wife to initiate love-making with her husband. E. The husband and wife should plan the budget and manage money matters together. F. Neither the husband nor the wife should purchase an item costing more than $100 without consulting the other. G. The father is the one responsible for disciplining the children. H. A wife who has special talent should have a career. I. It is the wife’s responsibility to keep the house neat and clean. J. The husband should take his wife out somewhere twice a month. K. The wife is just as responsible for the children’s discipline as the husband. L. It is the husband’s job to do the yard work. M. The mother should be the one who teaches values to the children. N. Children should be allowed to help plan family activities. O. Children develop better in a home with parents who are strict disciplinarians. P. Money that the wife earns is her money. Q. The husband or wife should have at least one night a week out with his or her …show more content…
Understand what the other person has gone through, listening carefully not only to what is said but how it is said. 3. Acknowledge that the person is hurting and admit when you have been offensive. 4. Touch the other person gently. 5. Ask for forgiveness. Appendix H: Goals in Marriage Less than three percent of married couples have set goals for their marriage. Goals are vital, for unless you have something in mind that you want to work toward or achieve, you will not get very far. What goals do you have for your marriage? What do you want it to reflect? What do you want from your marriage? List eight goals for your marriage on the goal wheel below. Write one goal in each of eight spaces. Then on the next page write a goal that you would like to see your fiancé achieve within three to five years. Remember, a goal should be reasonable, realistic, attainable, and have a time limit.

[pic] 1. Place and asterisk* by six of the goals that you feel are the most important. Then rank them in order of importance. 2. Place a 0 by two of the goals that you would be willing to forgo if absolutely necessary. 3. Place a $ by the ones that cost money. 4. Place a P by the ones you learned from your

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