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  • Two Types Of Schools Essay

    In England there are multiple types of schools which teach students in different ways, 4 examples would be: Grammar, academies, comprehensive and free schools. Grammar schools were for high achievers and prepared them for going onto university and obtaining academic careers. Academies were to give the school more credit and to help surrounding Academies that are under achieving to make the education system more successful. Comprehensive schools are free schools that were for all abilities and…

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  • Case For Socialism

    The article to be analysed in this report is an article by Alan Maass titles ‘The Case for Socialism’ that appeared on’s website on April 16, 2010. The author of the article Alan Mass is the editor for the previously mentioned website and also an author of a book going by a similar title. There are two mutually exclusive, opposite formal economic systems in the world that any society/country must choose. These are Socialist and Capitalist systems. The capitalist system is a…

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  • Should English Be Our National Language

    I, along with many others, believe that English should be our national language. Some think that it is racist to believe that, but I am one of the most non-racist people out there. I don 't see how a country trying to get one language has anything against not liking people of other nationalities. I mean they moved into our country to learn knew things and experience the American way. Right? “Our new immigrants must be part of our one America. After all, they 're revitalizing our cities, they 're…

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  • Rethinking Meat System: Positive And Negative Impact

    Bujidmaa Battsengel Eng 215 Instructor Kirsten Hilbert Research essay 11 December 2017 Rethinking Meat Production Livestock system has both positive and negative impact. Meat is huge part of human diet and it gives tremendous nutritional benefits. Harvard professor Richard Wrangham says human evolution is intimately tied to meat and cooked meat provides lots of energy which enables us to have big brain and become physically and anatomically human as such that we are species designed to love meat…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Failure In College

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts – Winston Churchill. The fear of failure is one that drives many people to never attempt to achieve their goals in life. I never allowed my fear to limit me under any circumstance. The biggest lesson I learned when I was in high school was that in life you are going to run into situations you may find difficult, but you should never try to work ways of avoiding it because that is a part of life. When…

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  • Fall Of Singapore Analysis

    Fall of Singapore was a huge shock to the world and was the largest surrender in British war history. Singapore was also the pride of the British Empire in South East Asia and when it fell to the Japanese a very high loss of morale occurred. Winston Churchill, after receiving word that “Fortress Singapore” had fallen stated "I put the telephone down. I was thankful to be alone.” The Fall of Singapore was not only a huge shock and a loss of morale to the Allies but a great advantage to the…

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  • The History Of WWII

    and movies such as The Day Will Dawn (1942) and Tomorrow We Live (1943) were created. These films depict the Norwegian and French resistance respectively and other Dutch and Belgian-inspired movies were created to promote similar ideology. Sir Winston Churchill had all seven of Frank Capra’s Why We Fight film series imported and shown publicly as a reminder to citizens of the troubles of war and to boost morale and continue instilling a drive to aid the Allied powers however possible. Why We…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Operation Barbarossa

    Throughout World War Two, Germany participated in wars against various countries with intentions of conquering living space for Germany. When Germany went to war against Poland, Germany created the General Government. The General Government was a territory in the countries of Poland and the Ukraine that Hitler had set up after Germany invaded and occupied Poland. The land was then broken up into three different areas, one area being the General Government. The General Government even though…

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  • Reflective Essay On College Success

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”(Winston Churchill). College has been the learning experience of a lifetime. Each class contains something special for each student. Sometimes a course may stand out to others than most. College can be overwhelming at first because you are adjusting to different expectations and rules. Once a person figures out a balance to their studies, anything seems possible. This college preparedness course has changed my…

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  • The Berlin Blockade

    The Berlin blockade was the first official main clash of the Cold War but it was not the first issue that the Communist State had with the West. Berlin was a dispute that steadily deteriorated relations between the two sides. Spring of 1946 Winston Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech noting Soviets hostility toward the United States specifically the Marshall Plan implied as the United States mingling in European affairs. The industrial infrastructure was in ruins across the European continent…

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