Main Causes Of The Soviet Union And The Cold War

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During World War 2, the Soviet Union and the United States were still allies fighting against Germany and other Axis powers. At the end of World War 2, people could start seeing that both allies had many differences. The rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union eventually became known as the Cold war. Both sides didn’t have any weapons physically, but they did economically and socially wise. They both used propaganda, they engaged in spying, and they had different ideas to gain an edge in their thirst for global domination. The Soviet Union was to blame for the starting of the Cold War.

The three main causes of the Cold War were Spheres of Influence, Ideology, and Military Factors. Ideology is seeing things from a different
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Even though the United States and the USSR were allies, they still had major disagreements. The U.S wanted to pitch in their ideas to the USSR, but the Soviets wanted to rule everything. They were so confident and so cocky that they’d conquer everything, but the U.S wanted nothing to do with it. That’s when all the serious discussions came pooling out. After that, the Soviets didn’t trust the United States, and the United States didn’t trust the Soviets. That is why the Soviets are to blame for starting the Cold War.

The United States is not responsible for the starting of the Cold War because the United States tried their very best to make everything as fair as possible. They thought of everything and anything that was fairly good for everybody. The Russians were a threat to everyone and they couldn’t be trusted. The U.S would try to reason with the Soviets, but they’d just throw down all their suggestions and the Soviets suggested ideas that were only suited for the USSR and the United
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It is shaped how we Americans live today. The Cold war has had a big enough impact on us that it should be taught to the next generations to come. Why was The Cold War important? It was important because it mostly took place among the free nations of the world. The communist nations did not allow basic human freedom and the United States harbored ill-will against the communists. The United States was already considered a superpower when the Cold War started and it took the control of stopping communism from spreading worldwide. This brought it into a major crash with the Soviet Union, which was the most powerful communist nation at the time. And because The Cold War happened, it also lead to some of the biggest news in history. For example, the Berlin Wall being erected, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cuban Missile Crisis. All these events took place in the time period of the Cold War. This war was very different from the others because this kind of war never had any weapons blown up to the opposing side, but words. Words, and threats, but never weapons. There came times where it was very close to bringing out the big guns, but never made it to that certain point. This was a war of words, and no weapons. Even though both sides were armed and ready with their heaviest artilleries, it never made it to the point where they had to five their nuclear weapons, or their giant

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