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  • Pearl Harbor Infamy Speech

    Pearl Harbor As everyone knows, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan many years ago. Not many people would think about searching what really happened, why they attacked, or even what was going on before the attack. There were things happening and people didn’t even know! I was able to find some interesting things, mostly stuff to do with Japan before the attack. There are even some things I found that weren’t about the bombing. The bombing wasn’t just a random attack, as I’m sure people know.…

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  • My Experience Of College Essay: First Day In College

    First Day in College Without a doubt, every change is a challenge, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with changes, but after a time they become part of life. Famous Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I relate to this quote because there were a time in my life that I wanted to quite college, because I was failing in my grades, but with the help from my family and friends I found a way to make best of my…

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  • Woodrow Wilson's Covenant Of The League Of Nations

    Wilson’s diplomatic idealism was perhaps too lofty to effectively address the pragmatism of realpolitik, his conception of a League of Nations, self-determination, and global peace were all applied in some form by Roosevelt and his counterparts Churchill and Stalin at the Yalta conference, which itself was the beginning of the formation of the United Nations of…

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  • Summary Of The Green Collar Economy

    There has been an unprecedented amount of evidence that our Earth is heating up due to global warming causing hard to repair damage to the world. According to Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy we must take action now. The rising temperatures are melting the ice caps at alarming rates they are also allowing there to be a rise in bacterial plant diseases that ruin crops, and disease carrying insects. These insects can ruin more crops, as they are active for a much longer time. We…

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  • Importance Of The Atlantic Charter

    important? The Atlantic Charter was a policy with idealistic terms. The Atlantic Charter gives the rights of all people to choose their own government. It was created by the America’s President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Atlantic Charter was important because it showed the growing solidarity between Anglo-American. It also gave hope to the people of Europe that had lost hope through propaganda. 2. As the German Wehrmacht overwhelmed much of Europe,…

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  • Heritage Film Analysis

    Heritage films refer to a period of films, initially European, that emerged in the 1980’s and 90’s. Though there is a long list of films that are classified as ‘heritage films’, this type of motion picture is not defined as a declared genre, but rather a list of characteristics declared by the movie industry that classify these films. This paper discusses the characteristics that define a ‘heritage film’, how Tom Hooper’s film The King’s Speech represents the characteristics of a ‘heritage film’…

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  • Analysis Of John Conroy's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    One of the two difficulties was lacking supplies, from foods and water to guns and bullets. In Irving Strobing’s radio, it said “how about a chocolate soda? Not many. Not here yet.” Based on the place and time, which were Corregidor, Philippines and May 5, 1942, it described Japan militaries besieged U.S. troop in Philippine Island. The supplies were difficult to transport to island and the bad situation caused debility of soldiers. John Conroy’s letter also referred the bad living condition on…

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  • Gallipoli First Scene

    The first scene of Gallipoli the film begins with a teenage boy timing his sprint speed on a dirt and gravel track in Australia around 8 months after the start of WWI, the boy would become known as Archie. Archie wants to enlist for the army and since he can ride, he hopes to enter the Light Horse although he is underage for the military entirely. One day when Archie gets into a heated discrepancy with a man by the name of Les McCann a race is organized between the two, with McCann on horseback…

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  • The Blitz Essay

    Second World War the German Luftwaffe regularly bombed the major cities and sea ports of Britain intending to destroy armament factories and shipyards while simultaneously reducing British morale and attempting to force British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to negotiate with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. During a time period that is often referred to as The Blitz, which began in September 1940 and lasted until May 1941, 18 000 tonnes of high explosives were dropped on Britain killing…

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  • Air Power Influence

    Air power influenced each member of the Allies and Axis powers uniquely through the context in which they viewed the effects of air power in World War I (WWI), the development of theories and technology in the interwar years, and the geopolitical situation facing the nations at the outset of World War II (WWII). These situations and experiences created a perception of the capabilities of air power that drove the creation and employment of the nations’ air arm. In turn, each belligerents’…

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