Group Unity Essay Examples

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The human race and all of it’s culture has been around long enough to see some pretty nasty things. From the holocaust to disease outbreaks and even some of the prejudice we see today all show that group unity can be both amazing and devastating. People can best respond to conflict by bonding together and using that unity to help other groups that need it instead of discriminating against them.

Group favoritism can destroy entire societies and most of us have seen its devastating effect. For example Anne Frank says that “Whatever we do, we're very afraid the neighbors might hear or see us” (Frank 375) . Due to the violence of the holocaust and the discrimination against the Jewish people. Anne Frank and her family are afraid of their
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Winston Churchill gives an excellent example of helpful group unity in his speech to the public during one of the toughest moments in history, World War II. ““No survival for the British Empire, no survival for all that the British Empire has stood for, no survival for the urge, the impulse of the ages, that mankind shall move forward toward his goal”(Churchill 368). Churchill is attempting to rally support from the people so that he can continue to help the British Empire. He is using the power of unity to conquer the war. On the other hand Anne Frank gives an example of unity harming groups of people by stating “It's sweltering. Everyone is huffing and puffing, and in this heat I have to walk everywhere”(Frank 372). Anne Frank is giving a perfect example of the physical harm that discrimination can have. If Hitler and the Nazis had decided to support the Jews then he would have gotten more support from his people to help him do whatever he wanted. On a similar note, In Churchill’s speech he reminds his people that “We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering”(Churchill 367). If Germany had made peace agreements and unified with the British Empire then everything would have been different and better. Group unification is one of the best things that can happen but, Hitler decided to discriminate. History and more specifically WWII give the best examples of group unity helping

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