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  • The Darkest Hour Film Analysis

    The Darkest Hour presents the British government during World War II and how Winston Churchill became a significant player in winning the war and saving many soldiers from Dunkirk. The movie is a partial biography of Winston Churchill, personality interpreted by Gary Oldman, who also won an Oscar as the best leading role. The movie shows different sides of the same character. Winston travels from an angry and indelicate personality from an understanding and feverous leader one by the end of the…

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  • Churchill's Speech After The Battle Of Dunkirk

    only because they answered the call for help, but what Churchill omitted in his speech was the longevity of the rescue. The entire evacuation persisted for nine perilous days (Churchill). Nine days for the Navy to wait off the coast like sitting ducks, constantly under fire from the Luftwaffe (German airplanes) while trying to ensure the escape of the 355,000 men surrounded on the beach. Not wanting to slight the impact the Navy made, Churchill made sure to include forceful words that revealed…

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  • Herbfarm Dinner Analysis

    won’t get to eat there. The five people I am inviting are Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Selena Gomez, William Shakespeare, and my grandfather that I call Pappy. I will be ordering the Tree Blossom, which is tempuraed big leaf maple blossom, spring cattail shoots, and wild shellfish. Abraham Lincoln will order Wild Things, which is pancetta wrapped roasted Wapato bulb stuffed with bay-leaf fish mousse. Winston Churchill will eat The Good Egg, which is marinated herbfarm egg, wild hooker &…

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  • The Cabinet War Rooms

    located under the Treasury Building on King Charles Street in Whitehall (an area in the City of Westminster), London. The main purpose of the Cabinet War Rooms was to protect members of Parliament (most importantly the Prime Minister at the time, Winston Churchill) during the course of the Blitz (a series of bombing attacks upon the City of London by Nazi bombers during the Second World War); however it also served the purpose of protecting members of parliament during important cabinet meetings…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pearl Harbor

    Soon after the other Axis powers declared war on the United States, and we were in the war. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, was happy that we had finally joined the war. After the war ended, America finally made Hawaii a state in 1959. Some of the rumors that floated were facts, on November 30, 1941 the headlines on the Hilo Tribune Herald were “JAPAN MAY…

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  • Boudicea's Reasons For Going To War

    This essay will use primary and secondary sources to justify war. The primary sources used will be a speech from the Queen of the Celts, Boudicea, and one from Great Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The two secondary sources will come from scholarly, peer reviewed sources. They will be used to back up the primary sources. These two speeches took place at different times in history. However, both show the justifications that these leaders used to encourage their people to fight with…

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  • Potsdam Summary

    past. Given Michael’s knowledge of history, and his narrative views it’s hard to indicate the overall argument, because one argument contributes to another. All eleven chapters mention the struggles and arguments between these three men: Stalin, Churchill, and Truman also often referred to as “The Big…

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  • Richard Overy Murders

    indiscriminately on the German population to cause social unrest. The book does a good job to talk about the sinister and questionable themes by the British to even attack the civilian populations so in theory could lose trust in their own Government. Winston Churchill himself described the Nazi regime like the Huns conquering lands like savages. An average citizen cannot do anything to protect themselves from the bombs. They rely entirely on the government to make sure that there are proper…

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  • Alan Churchill's Legacy Analysis

    It all started with a letter. Tiny scrawls on a bottom of a page from the United States President Harry Truman was what spurred former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill into action to compose what are now arguably known as the most important speeches in the World War Two era. Churchill had already been a prominent figure during these testing times, but his speeches in 1946 raised his name to a higher atmosphere. These speeches no doubt resonated throughout the entire world, eliciting a…

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  • Allegory In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

    avoid choosing leaders like Jack. Similarly, Hitler used his power for his own purposes while Roosevelt used his power to safeguard the USA and defeat Hitler. Individuals must be wise enough to choose the right leader. Roosevelt worked well with Churchill. There will be good leaders like Roosevelt in the future hopefully, to defend against power hungry dictatorial leaders like…

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