Upper Paleolithic

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  • Summary: The Upper Paleolithic Revolution

    According to Bar, (2002) the Upper Paleolithic is the process that changed from middle Paleolithic to Upper Paleolithic. This process was typically considered mainly as the major revolution of its kind in the first history of human evolution. The concept represented an observable event in parts of Eurasia; however its presence across other regions was not effectively noticed. The events included the biological, cultural, technological as well as environmental and geographical features/event of change. The optimal levels of the assemblages and the occurrence of arch-types of modern societies and the issues related to modern behaviors exhibit ancient archaic behaviors,(Bar 2002). The main causes for the Upper revolution are mentioned from the…

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  • Cultural And Cultural Changes In The Upper Paleolithic Period

    Throughout history, humans have undergone significant changes that influenced their lives in a plethora of ways – both positive and negative. One example is the Upper Paleolithic period, which is considered a time of a creative and cultural explosion. This also marks the true beginning of human cultural behavior. The introduction of Homo habilis led to the advancement of art in the form of painting, venus figurines, and many more forms of expression. At the same time, this period led to a…

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  • Why Is Chauuvet Cave Important

    entrance to the cave was blocked so the opening on the top was created when the top layer of limestone was hollowed out during the Cold episodes of the Quaternary. After Jean-Pierre Daugas announced the discovery, Heritage Curator at the Rhône-Alpes regional culture affairs department alerted Jean Clottes from the Ministry of Culture. Jean Clottes would arrange for the cave to be authenticated. He also recommended that the cave be transfer to the State of Rhône in France in order to ensure that…

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  • Hall Of Bulls Analysis

    Describe the Work Hall of Bulls is a beautiful Upper-Paleolithic cave painting made in ca. 15,000 B.C. The painting is scaled larger than life size standing 25 feet tall and 62 feet wide; and, it resides inside of a cave on a coarse, rigid, and uneven rock wall. The cave is located in a small geographical area called Lascaux located in Dordogne France. Furthermore, there is no known artist for the Hall of Bulls, because of historical ignorance and the age of the painting; however,…

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  • Paleolithic Stone Tools

    The Upper Paleolithic also known as the “Stone age” was one of the most substantial transitions in the world. Back about 40,000 years ago modern humans began to explore their capabilities and made artifacts to the future today. Their expansions in this era includes making stone stools for carving and hunting, artwork, and even burials. It is important to realize the benefits of these artifacts that serve the worlds proposes today. Stone tools are considered a brilliant invention after…

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  • Stone Tools Research Paper

    the artist to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want” -George Lucas. Stone tool technology evolved quite drastically from the lower Paleolithic, middle Paleolithic until the upper Paleolithic.Tools are and have always been a necessity that are needed for humans to better adapt to their surroundings from generation to generation. Early on tools were very rudimentary but were still quite sophisticated for technology and knowledge available for the time. However, in time tools became…

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  • The Origins Of Patriarchy During The Paleolithic Era

    This is a very important cause of patriarchy because the way men act causes them to look more as a leader and a ruler. Religion, the belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods, played a huge part in patriarchal systems. Religion, during the Paleolithic Era, were “rituals to lessen the fear of death and…cave paintings to express a sense of nature’s beauty and power.” (“Human Prehistory to the Early Civilization”, Pg 6) In the Paleolithic Era, religion…

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  • Paleolithic Society Chapter 1 Summary

    Sophia Nguyen Period 5 Chapter 1 Document 1. I feel that Nisa’s account of her life helps with understanding the much earlier Paleolithic people is very helpful because it gives a first person perspective on the life of a person living in a hunting-gathering society, like the Paleolithic people. Because Nisa doesn’t get much exposure to people outside her society, communicating with others was especially more important to her. 2. To Nisa, sex was very important to her because she didn’t want to…

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  • Patriarchy In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

    There is no doubt that there has been an unjust control and treatment towards women throughout history. Not only as individuals, but also by their spouse in marriage. In order to understand why the monster of oppression towards women came about, it is also necessary to understand how life was for women in different parts of the world, as well as tracing their corresponding time periods all the way to current time. There are records of marriage as early as 2350 BC in Mesopotamia. Love was not the…

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  • Polytheism And Monotheism

    Religion started as an awareness of oneself and then the awareness of something more than us and probably began at the time when humans began to cultivate in the Paleolithic era between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago. Religion has occurred in each segment of art in different cultures. As history evolved, culture evolved from cave paintings to elaborate sculptures and architecture. Polytheism I believe started as an earlier practice than monotheism since the earliest cultures like the Egyptian…

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