Upper respiratory tract infection

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  • Rapid Diagnostic Testing For Influenza

    Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. The illness can range from mild to severe, and can infect people of all ages, races, genders, and sizes. Generally, the illness is not life threatening in most people, but certain groups are at higher risk of requiring hospitalization or even dying from influenza. These at-risk groups of people include young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. The CDC estimated that there were “25 million influenza illnesses, 11 million influenza-associated medical visits, and 310,000 influenza-related hospitalizations” during the 2015-2016 flu season (cite cdc). Influenza is a major public health concern, and nurses play a direct role in the…

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  • Summary: Communication Barriers In Pediatric Care

    without the possibility of future harm. Review of Relevant Literature When a child becomes ill, a parent will take tactical measures to ensure that their child becomes well sooner rather than later. Therefore, parents must seek the advice and treatment of a physician. Upon seeking advice from a physician, parents will not display ignorance, but rather a measurement of knowledge in order to maintain their competence as a parent (Heritage & Sefi, 1992). Upon children having symptoms related to…

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  • Flaxseed Research Paper

    that it does have effects on the body and it is important for healthcare workers to be aware of these effects to ensure the best care for their patients. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the therapeutic effects, indications, contraindications, side effects, cost, and availability of both echinacea and flaxseed. Echinacea Echinacea is a North American herbaceous flowering plant that belongs to the genus of the daisy family. It was first used by Native Americans. It comes in liquid,…

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  • Oral Health Care Research Paper

    How Provision of Oral Health Care Affects the Risk of Respiratory Infections in Institutionalized Elderly Persons Requiring Full-time Care Introduction Due to aging, many elderly adults suffer a deterioration in physical capacity and mental acuity, rendering them unable to care for themselves in general and their oral health in particular. Researches show that respiratory pathogens reside in dental plaque (Russell, Boylan, Kaslick, Scannapieco, & Katz, 1999; Scannapieco, Stewart, & Mylotte,…

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  • Priority Pathophysiology

    pathophysiology, discuss the priority complication related to the chosen pathophysiology, and consider five priority nursing interventions specific to the chosen complication. Priority Pathophysiology According to the given case scenario, the individual has two main pathological diseases including pneumonia and stage 4 breast cancer. Pneumonia is recognized as a serious lung infection which has been associated with an increased risk of hospital admission and mortality for several decades…

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  • Cranberry Essay

    The Cranberry: A Healthier, Cheaper Alternative to Antibiotics? Have you ever heard that cranberry juice helps prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? The Vaccinium oxycoccus, more commonly known as the small cranberry, is a plant that I have always been curious about researching and exploring in further detail. The fruit may remind people of holiday decorations, or of the Ocean Spray commercials in the beautiful cranberry bogs in Massachusetts. They remind me of their incredible powers in…

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  • Chronic Pain Management Case Studies

    treatment for fatigue, lack of strength and energy, pain management, and depression. She took a psychotropic medication for depression and anxiety. Education: 8th grade in a foreign country. Work experience: Per “Request for Reinstatement – Title II” (06/23/2015), the claimant reported that she had multiple jobs in the past; some of them lasted a short period. Her jobs included working in a kitchen and home care. Two days a week, she cared for an elderly woman; the rest of the…

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  • Hospital Acquired Infections: A Literature Review

    Introduction/Review of Literature Introduction Hospital acquired infections (HAI), also known as healthcare associated infections or nosocomial infections, are infections transmitted to patients while in a hospital or other healthcare facility. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), there were approximately 722,000 patients suffering from hospital acquired infections in the United States in 2011 of whom 75,000 suffered fatalities. Accordingly, hospital acquired…

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  • Serratia Liquefaciens

    a gram-negative rods that are usually found in the digestive tract. The data was gathered by isolating the organism and various tests were carried out, and observations from scientific literature were used to affirm that the organism is S. liquefaciens. Most of the tests carried out included cultural characteristics tests, morphological, oxidative and fermentative reactions, hydrolytic and degradative reactions, and multiple test media. Different situations might have attributed to the lack of…

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  • Urinalysis Lab Report

    INTRODUCTON Urinalysis is a test that evaluates a sample of urine. The urinalysis is used as a screening/or diagnostic tool because it can help detect substances or cellular material in the urine associated with different metabolic and kidney disorders. It is ordered widely and routinely to detect any abnormalities that require follow up. Often, substances such us protein or glucose will begin to appear in the urine before people are aware that they may have a problem. It is used to detect…

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