Total depravity

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  • Essay On Total Depravity

    I agree with the doctrinal distinction of total depravity. This doctrinal belief comes from the Reformed tradition. Total depravity means that humans are completely wicked and morally corrupt. This means that human nature is fully dead. Without Christ, it is not possible to have true life because of the depravity of humans. I believe this is true because human nature is corruptible and mutable. Consequently, humans live in sin and are tempted by evil throughout the entire time on heaven. Satan is the god of this world and he does everything he can to keep humans away from God and His love. Satan’s acts, along with the immorality of our flesh, pull us further away from God if we do not resist. Thankfully, God provides us a way out. I believe humans have total depravity, but I do not believe there is no hope for humans. I believe that God sent His one and only son,…

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  • Similarities Between Calvinism And Arminianism

    in 1560 and died in 1609. These two theological set of beliefs are very similar in some ways. Jacobus Arminius actually had a Calvinist theology teacher during his school years. Without close inspection they might be misinterpreted as being almost identical. The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century brought about a series of reformations in the western Christian church. A set of points emerged from this era. There are five points of Calvinism that Arminianism argues against. The five points…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Cyclermate

    The firm was set up by Lewis Llewellyn and Dai Armstrong, the two close friends in a local cycle touring club. They produce traditional upright cycle, which imitate the 1940’s and 1950’s. In 1990s, the company expanded to meet the demand and they bought a 15,000 square feet warehouse with 2,000 square feet of office accommodation. The high quality hand- made bikes brought them good reputation and maintained high sales though they did not advertise much. However in 2010 the company has trouble as…

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  • What Is Perfect Competition

    We can express this mathematically by stating: p = TR - TC The term on the left represents the change in revenue from producing one more unit, which is called marginal revenue. The term on the right represents the change in total costs resulting from producing one more unit, which is marginal cost. The firm 's profit will be maximized at the level of output whereby the marginal (additional) revenue received from the last unit produced is just equal to the marginal (additional) cost…

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  • Albatross Anchor: Written Assignment

    and report your analysis and supporting conclusion. For each process the following fixed costs and variable costs are identified below: |Anchor and Process |Process A |Process B | |Sale price per anchor |$35.00 |$35.00 | |Total Fixed Cost |$500,000.00 |$750,000.00 | |Variable Cost per anchor …

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  • Case Study: Storage And Inventory Management

    4. Storage and inventory management 4.1. Chicken: Chicken inventory is for 15 days. Chicken is not stored in the warehouse, in fact there is a separate cold storage area is built for chicken right beside every warehouse in each region. 4.2. Sauces: Inventory for Sauces are stored for around 25 to 30 days depending on the expiry dates and forecasted sales. 4.3. Spices and Herbs: Inventory for spices and herbs are stored according to forecasted sales and the lead time given by the procurement…

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  • Analysis Of Carl Von Clausewitz's Views On War

    There are many differing opinions on war and the motivation to fight in it. In Carl von Clausewitz’s famous document, On War, he goes in depth about his specific views on war. Clausewitz says that the ideology that people feel for the war is what motivates them to fight and this motivation is in direct correlation with the violence in the war, but I believe that it is people’s desire for change that motivates them to fight in the war. Though Clausewitz makes good points throughout On War, I…

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  • Xacc/280 Week 1 Software & Company Case Study

    1. License reconciliation, elimination of duplicate software and redeployment. Assuming an average cost of $50 per licensed product. The average PC can eliminate/redeploy one licensed product for a savings of: $50 x 2,500 PCs = $125,000 2. Consolidation of software to servers for server based launching. Assuming that 25% of the user population can eliminate one software application from a local hard drive to a central server and that the average application requires 20-80meg, than the…

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  • Palmpro Company Case Study Solution

    However, the large drop in PalmKid’s contribution margin per unit combined with a decrease in the actual number of PalmPro units sold as well as a drop in the actual contribution margin per unit below budget, led to the total contribution margin being much lower than budgeted. Other factors could be discussed here––for example, it seems that the PalmKid did not achieve much success with a three digit price point––selling price was budgeted at $149 but dropped to $102. At the same time,…

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  • How Did The French Revolution Influence The Nature Of Warfare

    In other words, one of the most long-lasting implications of the French Revolution was that it opened the path to total warfare because it became normal for wars to bring destruction and misery to citizens not normally involved in war. While it is true that this amount of violence was not entirely novel, it had never been as widespread or normalized as it was during the modern and late-modern periods. During the French Revolution, citizens became legitimate targets since war became “total in…

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