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  • Anne Frank Movie Analysis

    The Diary of Anne Frank : Movie V.S. Play Last week, our class viewed the Anne Frank movie, shortly after finishing reading the play. Anne Frank was and still is one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust, a dark and bleak time in human history. Many people know of her time spent in the “Annex”, the attic above her father’s office. But many people don’t know of her life before, or maybe even after she was arrested from the Annex. The last week, we studied the life of this young girl in…

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  • Differences Between Anne Frank Movie And Movie

    Dussel. While in hiding, Anne expressed her thoughts and feelings in a diary, which she named Kitty. This diary later influenced a movie. Although the movie was based on Anne Frank 's Diary, the movie and the diary had a great quantity of different events. In the…

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  • Mean Girls Film Analysis

    Introduction In the film, “Mean Girls”, a young girl named Cady Harson enters the American School system after being home-schooled in Africa. For the first day of school, she finds herself overwhelmed with fear being surrounded by so many teenagers in the school. She was introduced as a new student to the many different social groups, but she was especially introduced as one of the Plastics. The plot begins when Cady decides to take down the group’s leader, Regina George, in order to sabotage…

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  • Freedom Writers Movie Review

    others out. This movie is an extremely inspirational and respected movie. Erin Gruwell went on to have her students type their journal entries and she then made a book out of it, creating the Freedom Writers Diary, for all to read the excerpts of her students. She did this to relate to the Diary of Anne Frank, the students favorite subject to learn about (“Freedom Writers”). This just goes even further into their minds and allows people around the world to see the impact of Erin Gruwell, and…

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  • Train Go Sorry Analysis

    Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World, written by Leah Hager Cohen, is a biography of the author who has a relationship with Lexington School for the Deaf and a portrait of two deaf students (Sofia and James) throughout their time at the school. She switches her delivery, telling her family’s story and the stories of the two teenagers to narrate the truth about the deaf world. The book sheds light on the deaf school in New York, the stories of the two students, deaf culture, and various…

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  • The Power Of Words In The Book Thief

    Introduction The Book Thief is a Bildungsroman of sorts, dealing with the protagonist, Liesel Meminger. The odd narration by Death supplies it with a sense of ambiguity that no other book seems to emulate. This novel regarding the journey of Liesel Meminger, a nine-year-old German girl who was given up by her mother in 1939, she embarks a new life living with Hans and Rosa Hubermann in the humble town of Molching. Liesel’s journey evokes many mishaps and moments of joy; the book…

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  • Negative Teachers

    Personally, I have always thought teachers were inspiring and enthusiastic people, recently I have learned not everyone agrees with this statement. Some believe teachers are extremely positive and overly peppy, others believe teachers are negative people that do not care about their students. I have also learned, a lot of these viewpoints come from the media by over exaggerating a teacher’s role or not giving them enough credit. Teachers in the media are portrayed differently than actual…

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  • Anne Frank: A Brief Biography

    Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family consisted of her father Otto Frank who she called Pim, her mother Edith Frank, and her sister Margot Frank. Anne’s full name was Anneliese Marie Frank, but she preferred just Anne. As a young girl Anne had a normal life and lived in an upper middle-class family. She moved to Amsterdam in 1933 where she attended Sixth Montessori School. She lived a perfectly normal childhood with plenty of friends. But that would all soon…

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  • Richard Cory: True Vs. Apperecur Happiness

    Richard Cory: True vs Apperecur Happiness I was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. Me and my family are a middle class family and we are Jews. My father is Otto Frank and my mother is Edith Frank and my sister Margot. I go to a wonderful school and have lot of friends. But my father said that we will be moving to Amsterdam in a week which means I will have to make new friends all over again. A week has past and we are all packed ready to go to Amsterdam i said my goodbye to my…

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  • Film Analysis: Freedom Writers

    Critical Theory, while optimistic, is an extremist way to deal with comprehension and endeavoring to change the social imbalances that exist. Critical Theorist are not reluctant to get their hands filthy, much like instructor Erin Gruwell in the motion picture Freedom Writers. In light of a genuine story, the motion picture demonstrates the excursion of a youthful educator as she endeavors to inspire a gathering of students who have been marked "at-hazard." These students originate from an…

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