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  • Breach Of Human Rights And Indigenous Rights

    whenua of New Zealand. We should ensure Tangata whenuas wellbeing, necessitating the monitoring of Maori health, including health outcome and disparities between non-Màori and Màori (). “The conditions contributing to and maintaining health inequities in New Zealand are in direct contravention of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, as well as a breach of human rights and indigenous rights”(). This essay focuses on indigenous rights…

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  • How Do Cultural And Structural Explanations For Prison Growth?

    growth in New Zealand such as penal populism, public disenchantment with the current government, public attitudes towards crime and harsher sentences, and lobby groups. There have also been important explanations in the form of neo liberalism, political structures and inequality. I will examine these explanations in my essay. These two perspectives could be combined as there is a lot of overlap between the two ideas and the two rely on one another to exist. The increase in New Zealands prison…

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  • Case Study Of TEYE

    Sport NZ is renown for being the “guardian of NZ’s world-leading sporting system”(Sport NZ, 2015). Cooperating with Sport NZ will help implement benchmarks (statistics & surveys) that will flourish their reputation, as well as establishing a mutually beneficial level of participation. College Sport will also be a valuable partner as they “coordinate sport for 107 secondary schools nationwide” (College Sport, 2015)…

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  • The Importance Of The Treaty Of Waitangi

    more now than ever. The role I will play as a treaty partner approaches the importance of having familiarity of New Zealand history alongside skills (Lang, 2002) essential to have an effective outcome in my practice as an Early Childhood Educator. To achieve a positive outcome in my practice I will educate myself with the significant historic events which have taken place in New Zealand such as the Treaty of Waitangi which will then be passed on throughout the classroom within planned activities…

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  • The Role Of War In Afghanistan

    New Zealand troops have spent more time in Afghanistan then both World War One and World War Two Combined, despite this, mainstream media coverage of the war has been limited, and one-sided, government reports have relied on embedded journalism and the NZDF methods of public relations (PR), have been responsible for the upkeep of the military’s positive, peacekeeping, reconstructed, ‘kiwi’ image. While this was not untrue, it can not be considered truthful. The NZDF maintains strong connections…

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  • Transport's Impact On Social Consumption And Socialization In New Zealand

    1 INTRODUCTION Transport has a huge impact on daily basis in New Zealand. It is known that New Zealand currently spends billions of dollars on transport (Ministry of Transport, 2014). Transport has become one of the biggest factors contributing in energy consumption and economic growth in New Zealand and Ministry of Transport have introduced four scenarios in order to make flexible investment options. Ministry of Transport have considered a change in oil price and digital technology advancement…

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  • New Zealand Tourism Essay

    The Current State of New Zealand Tourism: Years ago, if someone mentioned New Zealand in a sentence, they wouldn’t know where it is or what you were talking about. Now New Zealand has grown, and is still growing today. One of the biggest reason now that New Zealand has been recognized more is because of our tourism industry. Tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest export industries earing $11.8 billion of New Zealand’s current exchange earnings. New Zealand has a reputation of this clean green…

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  • Te Kupenga Mōteatea Analysis

    Kua tawhiti ke to haerenga mai, kia kore e haere tonu. He tino nui rawa ou mahi, kia kore e mahi nui tonu"."You have come too far not to go further. You have done too much not to do more Te Kupenga Mōteatea was chosen after many hours of reading and researching Tuwharetoa - History of the Maori People of the Taupo District (Grace, Te.H) 1959. The storyline of Te Kupenga involves friendship, love, conflict, insult, war and revenge. In this essay I will describe what Te Kupenga Mōteatea means…

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  • Origin Of Tattooing Essay

    the top of the thigh down below the knee. These are the traditional adornments by which the tatau and malu are supposed to be worn and the older Samoan people who grew up with the traditions tend to have differing views to those of the younger New Zealand born generation. The latter tend to call all sorts of inscriptions on their bodies tatau regardless of whether they appear on the arms, on the wrists or on the back to name some of the imprinted body…

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  • Analyse The Importance Of Information In Supporting Children As A Medium Of The Language

    oral language is learnt meaning teaching children a second language at this age is supposedly easier than trying to teach someone older. In New Zealand we are a very multicultural society and living in Aotearoa carries specific responsibilities towards Tangata Whenua. A large percentage of our population is in fact māori. Māori is an official language of New Zealand and it is very important we keep it alive along with other traditions such as Tikanga. “Learning language is an important element…

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