Diabetes In New Zealand

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Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease that can lead to serious damage to your organs and other body parts like your eyes, gum, teeth and much more. There’s three main types of Diabetes; Type ­ 1, Type ­ 2 and Gestational.
Based on research done by the organization Diabetes New Zealand,Type­1 Diabetes is one of the rarest since only 10% of the people who have diabetes actually have Type­1 Diabetes. It’s caused by the lack of insulin that is being produced in our bodies to keep our blood glucose in the average range. Obviously, Type­1 is where our bodies don’t produce enough so what happens when your body produces insulin but doesn’t respond to it?.
Well, this is where Type­2 Diabetes comes in. Type­2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes
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A statistics of the citizens in New Zealand from 2007 stated that 1 in 20 adults have been told that they have diabetes which is approximately 157,100 New Zealanders and 1 in 7 adults aged 65 years and over have diabetes. Once again, this information was from a report that was presented to the Ministry of Health in 2007.
Alexandra Marett, a research services analyst, had done some research and shed some light on obesity and diabetes in New Zealand; her research was published in October 2014. It says that 1.1 million adults in New Zealand are obese (which is the estimated number of people who are obese). It’s placed a strain on our health care system and it’s sad to see that the costs for health treatment have been contributed to overweight and obese people. The total cost is shocking, $686 million or 4.5% of New Zealand’s total health care is used on obese and overweight people.
Unfortunately, the costs of health care costs increase every year due to the increase of the prevalence of obesity and diabetes.Maori and Pacific populations are at a higher risk of getting diabetes than any of the other ethnicity groups and communities. Their prevalence of diabetes is approximately three times higher than your average New Zealander but it is also high among South Asian

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