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  • My Greek-American Culture

    Almost every Saturday morning when I was in elementary school, my mother would wake me up for breakfast which usually consisted of cinnamon toast and cereal, I would get dressed in my favorite purple outfit, and pack. I would fill my small book bag with Barbie dolls, coloring books, and the whatever I was reading for school. Before leaving, my mother would make sure to stop by the gas station for snacks and to fill up on gas. We were going on a trip! We were headed to my grandparents’ house forty-five minutes away in Pascagoula, Mississippi; however, it felt like we had to drive for a full day. When I would return to school the next week, I would tell all my friends about the adventures I had traveling to and from my grandparents’ house. It was my version of an adventure, but I knew I wanted to go farther. I loved watching movies about other places that seemed so far away and listening to my grandfather’s stories from when he traveled during his time in the U.S. Air Force. Listening to other people’s experiences and watching movie stars travel all over the world inspired me to want to go on my own worldly travels. I could then bring what I have learned back to my community. Growing up in a low-income household with a single mother who had never attended higher education, it was difficult to imagine myself having the opportunity to travel, especially outside of the United States. However, being adopted into my best friend’s Greek Orthodox family my senior year gave me not…

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  • New Book Say Yes By Margaret Peterville

    For years now, people have known that plants and animals are to some degree sentient. Does this give them the right to personhood? In the articles “ Are Animals Persons?” by Margaret Somerville and “Are Plants Intelligent? New Book Says Yes” by Jeremy Hance this topic is brought up. While both Hance and Somerville write about having respect for these species, Somerville is not willing to grant animals personhood just based on the fact that they have emotions, whereas Hance is all for plant…

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  • MRD Foot's Life In Moral Phenomenology

    Throughout her career and later life is where Foot began her life in philosophy and wrote her many essays on the topic of moral philosophy. In her personal life, she had shared a flat with Iris Murdoch directly after they graduated out of college. However, their friendship was fairly short lived as Iris left historian MRD Foot, and caused him suffering. Philippa, as a way to console him, married him in 1945. After marrying, the couple moves back to Oxford where she begins a graduate scholarship…

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  • Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide

    Somerville, a physician and an ethicist, suggest that if physician assisted suicide were to become legal “we would have the duty not to treat people who attempt suicide” (Boudreau and Somerville 5). The fear of suicide becoming a normal event in our society exists in the people who oppose physician assisted suicide. However, the biggest issue that emerges when so much attention is brought to the subject of PAS is the “suicide contagion” phenomenon. Jacqueline C. Harvey, Ph. D., a bioethicist,…

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  • Identity In James Joyce's Dubliners

    Joyce’s portrayal of Dublin in Dubliners is certainly not one of praise or fanfare. Rather, Joyce’s Dublin is a slumbering and pathetic portrayal of a metropolis in which her citizens cannot exercise the ability to break free from the city’s frigid grasp. Therefore, the Dubliners struggle to carve out a distinct identity that contains meaningful aspects of human life. Somerville states that “Dublin has suffered a sickness of the heart,” an assentation that certainly captures the undertones of…

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  • The Importance Of International Migration

    immigrants may produce conflicts between different ethnic groups. Will Somerville and Madeleine Sumption mention in their book that in September 2008, in Italy there was a significant growth in unemployment and government statistics agency said that it was caused by high rate of immigration (Somerville & Sumption, 2009). Weeks later, similarly, unemployed people in Spain suggested their government to introduce a new program according to which the government would pay immigrants for going back to…

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  • Aristotle's Theory Of Human Nature Essay

    “Politics,” one of his most famous works, alludes to his opinion on the essence of human nature in various ways. To fully understand his opinions on this subject, this work will also be summarized and analyzed to show the relationship between Aristotle’s opinions of human nature to the work of Glenn Tinder. Aristotle’s opinion of human nature is written about most extensively in the first book of “Politics” ("Political Naturalism."). He begins by saying that the city- state aims to the “highest…

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  • Reading And Writing: The Most Important Person In My Life

    This new found passion was encouraged in middle school by my English teacher, Mrs. Somerville. Mrs. Somerville was one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had. She had a deep love for books just like my mother and was excellent at making recommendations. In her class, we didn’t just read, we also learned how to think more intensely about what we read, a skill that I have used everyday since. In Mrs. Somerville’s class we also developed our writing skills. Every year we kept a journal in…

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  • Olivia Aspden Research Papers

    She was trained by Denise Somerville in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Acro, and Lyrical. She graduated from SDA and was accepted into York University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. While at York, under the instruction of Jennifer Bolt, she achieved an Honors Degree in Fine Arts, and received co-instruction in a joint program with the National Ballet of Canada (NBC). It was at the NBC that she was received additional training, and was awarded a Diploma With Distinction under the…

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  • Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide Analysis

    Somerville offers a perspective of the impacts euthanasia would have if it became legal. She argues that if euthanization were to be allowed, we would need to be careful in our definition. In 1985, the Netherland’s definition only limited euthanasia to voluntary, not involuntary. Since involuntary euthanasia was not included in the definition, the guidelines that were placed did not have to be used. Our definitions “... are not just innocent tools that allow us to describe reality. Rather they…

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