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  • Horseshoe Crab Research Paper

    and a population. Horseshoe crabs are slowly being killed for bait which dramatically lowers the population. Although their population is slowly decreasing, we can still bring it back up because many artificial baits like Eco-Bait can help save these endangered species. Many people believe that interacting with horseshoe crabs will be beneficial to humans and still cause no harm to horseshoe crabs because of the resources they provide such as their chitin. Chitin is found in the shells, or exoskeleton of horseshoe crabs and is one resource that many believe is a benefit of interacting with horseshoe crabs because it provides contact lenses, skin creams, hair sprays, etc. Although chitin can be incredibly useful, why take it off of an endangered species back? There are many other animals that have chitin and aren’t endangered. For instance, the article, “Blue blood, yeah that’s cool, but it is not all that they are good for!” states, “Chitin is a substance found in the shells, or exoskeletons, of horseshoe crabs, as well other arthropods, such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, spiders, scorpions, beetles, and mosquitoes.” (par. 2). Considering that there are so many animals on that list that provide chitin, there is no need for the chitin found on the endangered horseshoe crabs. It would seem logical if we were to obtain the chitin of these other animals because their population will not be severely affected. In conclusion, interacting with horseshoe crabs would be very…

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  • Creative Writing: The Exoskeletons

    As the sun rose on the horizon over the East River, a young man named Rex woke in his apartment. The temperature outside was thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit, typical December weather. His morning routine was the same as any other three-hundred-year-old’s. A quick health scan by his M2-D2, a maid robot revealed that his health was optimal. He ate his breakfast, condensed into the size of a pill, slipped on his exoskeleton and rushed out of his apartment. He was late for work at Galactica, an…

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  • Exoskeletons: Physiotherapy Management

    Introduction For this essay, I plan to discuss the use of exoskeletons as a part of the physiotherapy management for adults with multilevel spinal cord injuries. Fisahn et al (2016) states that “exoskeletons are motorized orthoses placed over a person's limb with joint parts corresponding to those of the human body.” And that “their purpose is to facilitate standing and walking, as well as assist in rehabilitation” (Fisahn et al. 2016). According to the WHO (2017) a spinal cord injury (SCI) is…

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  • H2 Robot Exoskeleton Case Study

    This chapter presents the software development for the H2 robotic exoskeleton, as well as the integration of the device with a neural interface. The software was developed with an architecture of layers, with three different levels. This approach makes easy the development of new therapies or control strategies without rewriting all the code. The chapter begins with the description of the software implemented to control each H2 joint actuator. Following is the description of the middle layer of…

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  • Spinal Cord Stimulation

    These powered exoskeletons have been making their way into paralysis rehabilitation for years now (“Lewis”). At first it was used in the military and then years after that it was reused for patients who have been paralyzed ("Powered Exoskeleton"). There have been attempts to make wearable robotic suits that have date back to the 1970s ("Powered Exoskeleton"). Which is a good plus for the future that could develope the suit to perform better but it is still gonna need more work than what we have.…

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  • Coral Reef Biodiversity

    in fact large underwater structures that are composed from the skeletons of previously-living corals. Corals themselves are marine invertebrate animals, and the specific species of coral that are needed to create coral reefs are unique from other species of coral: also known as hermatypic corals. Hermatypic corals remove calcium carbonate typically present in seawater in order to form a hard and sturdy exoskeleton that envelops their soft interior. This exoskeleton is necessary for them to…

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  • Intrinsic Differences In Arthropods And Mollusks

    to the specialization of different segments of the body to give rise to specific function. One hypothesis I may propose to the benefit of this evolution is that by compartmentalizing each specialized function to each segment, nerve impulses can be transmitted more effectively in the body allowing Arthropods to be more efficient in survival as well as catching their prey. Certain groups of Mollusks on the other hand merely evolved cephalization, forming heads with tentacles and eyes. An extension…

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  • The Ethical Role Of Human Augmentation In Halo

    mechanical augmentation of humans discussed within parallel actual, real world, discussions about the topic. Even with its unrealistic scenarios involving alien races and large-scale space battles, there are still very real and relatable segments, which detail ideas that our society discusses. One example is the use of mechanical exoskeletons to enhance the wearer’s physical strength, as well as to help carry, or distribute, the weight of other equipment. Of the current motivations for producing…

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  • Arthropod Groups Essay

    The three groups chosen for this report are Trilobitomorpha, Crustacea and Insecta. Like my previous report, I have organized this report to provide a general summary of these groups, and also to examine a number of fossil specimens belonging to each group. For each group, ten specimens belonging to a specific sub-group (and a specific stratigraphic range when possible) were selected from the GB3D Type Fossils Database and examined in photograph or three-dimensional scan. For each group, unique…

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  • Bamboo Essay

    They have a high elastic modules, and very low densities. A lot of these materials have strong chemical and mechanical adherence. Their mineralized tissues can have organized layers of both soft and hard materials, very similarly to bone. This can be observed in seashells, as their structure is very similar to compact bone. It has the presence of a porous foam material in its taxa, which can also be found in bones, antlers, anthropods, exoskeletons, teeth and bird beaks. This porous material…

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