Social Theory and Social Structure

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  • Gottfredson And Hirschi's Social Bond Theory

    Self-Control Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) are the primary theorists who founded the Self-Control theory. These researchers argue the basic principle behind criminality is determined by the level of self-control exhibited by the individual in question. Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) describe self-control in the context of how well you can resist temptations in daily activities and sudden opportunities. Those that demonstrate a lower level of self-control have a higher probability of expressing…

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  • Social Learning Theory: Operant Conditioning Behavior

    Social Learning Social Learning theory fits Charles situation. The main assumption of the theory is that criminal behavior is learned, repeated, and changed by the same process of conforming behavior. There are four main concepts to the theory: differential association, definitions (both from Sutherland’s Differential Association), differential reinforcement, and imitation. Differential association is when people interact with others, especially deviants, and their behaviors, values, and…

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  • Social Strain Theory

    Social Learning Theory and Strain Theory (Siegel & Walsh 2016 pp. 111) Social learning theory implies that criminal behavior is learned through close interactions with others, this theory, based on the assumption that all children are good at birth and have been taught to be bad. Depending on the children’s peer environment, any deviant values from interaction of family, friends or associates. If brought up in the wrong environment, nine out of ten will probably cave-in to crime. As…

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  • The Health Belief Model

    & Sidney, 1966). Examples of health behaviours are actions such as dieting, taking medicines and quitting smoking. Past psychological enquiry has introduced numerous stage or phase models in which individuals alter their health behaviours. These theories have been implicated in understanding and providing a framework for the motivations that lead to health behaviour changes. Implication of the models can be subdivided at the individual and societal level as implied by Stretcher, Irwin and…

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  • Feminist Criminology And Power Control Theory: Movie Analysis

    Two theories that take place together during a part of the movie is the feminist criminology theory and power control theory. The definition states that “Feminist criminology is primarily concerned with the victimization of women, such as female delinquency, prostitution and gender inequality in the law and the criminal justice system are also receiving attention”(Dr. Julian Herminda). This article concludes that “The power-control theory posits that gender differences in delinquency can be…

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  • Perpetuated Mediocrity

    poverty as their fellow residents. This societal structure was shown to me in my time…

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  • Self Efficacy Nursing Theory

    Self Efficacy Nursing Theory Analysis Middle Range theory to be analyzed in this paper is Albert Bandura’s Self-efficacy theory. The method used to analyze Barnum’s evaluation recommendations. Theory analysis is a process of evaluating a nursing theory. The Barnum’s evaluation is comprised of internal criticism and External criticism. The internal criteria are clarity, consistency, adequacy, logical development, and level of theory development. Her criteria for judging theories will use…

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  • Social Exchange And Greasers In Hinton's The Outsiders

    in the novel The Outsiders that connect to the theory of Social Exchange, however, the four fights between the Greasers and the Socs adequately describe how each member must evaluate the costs and rewards before deciding whether or not to take part in an altercation. More importantly, these fights raise the question whether or not being a Greaser or Soc is worth the price of potentially being killed. The first altercation is a simple example of Social Exchange, Ponyboy is walking home alone from…

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  • Summary: A First Look At Communication Theory

    communication to better understand those around you. Authors of A First Look at Communication Theory Griffin, Ledbetter and Sparks explain communication by breaking it into separate theories throughout the book. I have chosen just a few that were personally impactful and are the most relatable of all the communication theories. The first portion that I personally connected most with is symbolic interactionism. This theory basically states that all meaning in communication is created through…

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  • Power And Influence On Leadership

    Engaging others to work with the leader. Effective leadership in a complex and ambiguous world environment where authority structures are less dominant and organisational boundaries are more fluid requires leaders to be able to build effective and productive relationships with a range of people. The more diffuse nature of power and authority means that leaders are more likely to have to develop the quality of relationships as a means of influencing others. This essay examines how this aspect of…

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