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  • Stream Team And The Importance Of Turbidity In Water

    What the stream team will be doing is going to the stream and seeing how much nitrate, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and pH is in the water. The stream team will look at the effect on water quality, the effect on plants and animals, the acceptable levels for swimming, sources and sources categorized, the best management practices, whether the sources are point source, or nonpoint source pollutants, and the test results. The stream team will be doing all of those topics…

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  • Eight Themes Of Science As A Process

    Over the course of the book Annihilation, I became aware of many terms and other scientific things that I had not known before. The book was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense that was created and how it was filled with lots of scientific material. There were many instances that coalesced between the book and the eight themes of science that we were supposed to do for our reading logs. Many of them have to do with biology, because the main character is a biologist, but some other…

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  • Imagery In Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

    Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market” provokes vivid imagery and illustrates the cost and consequences of rash actions. The narrative poem tells of two women going about their daily lives, one woman being steadfast in denying forbidden or dangerous choices while the other willingly risks herself due to being unable to resist temptation. Lizzie and Laura are both innocent and virginal at the beginning of the poem, but Laura’s curiosity proves to be stronger than her sister’s warning. Rossetti…

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  • Creative Writing: Offspring Of Mountain Gorillas

    A silverback gorilla nibbles on a nearby bush using his agile lips. He isn't dominant over his troop of about two dozen gorillas, but it seems he wants to be. At the moment, he has his eyes set on another male. This one hasn’t grown his silver hairs yet, but all the females are watching him. This can not happen if the silverback ever wants to mate and reproduce. The silverback raises his massive fists in the air, but the other male sees the attack coming and meets his fists in the air with his…

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  • Brown V. Board Of Education Investigation

    This investigation will explore the question: To what extent did white backlash to Brown v. Board of Education hinder the Civil Rights movement? The investigation will be set within the parameters of 1954 to 1964, to allow analysis of the period in-between Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The first source to be investigated and evaluated is “Brown v. Board of Education: a Civil Rights Milestone and its Troubled Legacy” by James T. Patterson, written in 2001. The…

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  • Write An Essay On Adaptive Radiation

    Essay 1: Adaptive Radiation Adaptive radiation is the fundamental mechanism responsible for the great variety of animal and plant species observed today and that dominated the Earth surface in the past (MacDonald, 2003). In simpler terms, adaptive radiation is the diversification of species to occupy a wide range of ecological niches. The term ecological niche describes the role of a species within its surrounding environment; its interaction with the biotic and abiotic environmental factors;…

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  • Christina Rossetti Comparison

    Cerrato The Difference Between Rossetti?s Life and Her Poetry The Victorian Age was a time of growth in London. The city was growing rapidly and there was an uproar of technological advances and industrialization. During this era many of the greatest British poets were thriving, Christina Rossetti being one. As a woman from such a socially booming era like this one, she did not actively get involved. Rossetti was a quiet and reserved woman, but her poetry is quite the opposite; it is complex,…

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  • My Procrastination In High School

    From the very moment I procrastinated, I knew that the only result ahead was a failure. When attending a school you are always told to plan ahead of time by being organized. However, I always preferred handling my academic work at a snail 's pace. Simply said, I procrastinated leaving everything to the last minute. For some people, being under pressure they tend to produce better results, but on the contrary that is never always the case. Through my personal experiences this didn 't necessarily…

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  • The Benefits Of Cochlear Implants

    What Are Cochlear Implants? In the past thirty years, scientists and researchers have been developing and improving an electronic medical device, referred to as a cochlear implant (Cochlear Celebrates, 2016). This small therapeutic device replaces one’s damaged cochlea, and is responsible for providing the proper sound signals to the brain so that one can hear. Not to be confused with a hearing aid, a cochlear implant is very different. A cochlear implant is responsible for bypassing the damaged…

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  • Tulsa Zoo Research Paper

    Introduction: The Tulsa Zoo is the only zoo located in Tulsa (there is an aquarium located in Jenks). It is located by Mohawk Park, in the northern area of Tulsa. The Zoo has many exhibits: Africa, Asia, Children’s Zoo, Chimpanzee Connection, Conservation Center, Life in the Cold, Life in the Desert, Life in the Forest, Life in the Water, Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve, Oceans and Islands, and The Rainforest. A new exhibit called the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to be opened in 2017. “Lost Kingdom…

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