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  • Characteristics Of Globalization

    Well, one of the major characteristics of global cities According to Saskia Sassen, “First, they serve as command points of the global economy, coordinating the increasingly far-flung production of goods and services (Kleniewski, 138). In other words, the main focus is mostly on improving the global economy and also working together in order to increase the amount of goods and services that the corporation is selling or providing to the people. Sassen stated “the global cities have also provided markets for the products produced there “(Kleniewski, 138). In other words, this is a technique used by global cities when doing worldwide trades in order for them to upsurge the production of the goods that are being sold in worldwide countries. This is also a great way for these global cities to improve the development of their worldwide corporations. This technique has made global cities get wealthier and also create corporations that are now worth…

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  • Urban Boundaries In Iceland

    As cities have developed with increased globalization and opening of economical borders, this case study will analyze the situation in Milan. The justification for choosing Milan is that it is, like Barcelona, both a global city and attractive to migrants who arrive in Italy (Lebuhn 2013, 44). Migrants in Milan connect the term of boundaries to a break in two phases, however, not in the sense of a tangible boundary but the element the ‘known’ city on the one hand and on the other hand, what is…

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  • Analytic Borderlands

    4.0 Analytic Borderlands While cities, through some mix of magic, enchantment exert a magnetic attraction, the fascination is difficult to pin-down on any laboratory table, hence sorcery. Pushpa Arabindoo, from UCL Geography Department, summaries the enmeshed complications that arise for scholars who aspire to “a deeper ideological reflection borrowed from other disciplines”, noting plainly the challenge as “socializing urban design is not as easy as it seems” ! The urban economist, Saskia…

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  • Immigration Tests New Order By Sassen: A Comparative Analysis

    Migration presents a series of competing interests in the drive for control over human population. On the contrary, the introduction of human rights complicates the gap between rhetoric and action. This is embodied in the idea of a perfect migration economy – and the radical notion that migrants are human beings with desires, goals, aspirations built up by cultural ideas of providence for the family. This nexus is presented to us in her chapter “Immigration Tests the New Order” by Saskia…

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  • Macy's Theory Of Expulsions

    Expulsions: Brutality and complexity in the Global Economy, by Saskia Sassen, grapples with the idea of “the new logics of expulsion,” and provides insight into the modern phase of capitalism. Logics of growth, the modern obsession with increasing corporate wealth gain, has created a world system of predatory foundations. The few can concentrate wealth more effectively than ever before in capitalist history, and the lower social standings bear the largest burden. Complexity and brutality go hand…

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