Sasuke Uchiha

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  • Analysis Of The Lost Love By Namiko Haruno

    As she entered her room, she laid on her bed thinking of the boy who stole her heart. Everyday Namiko waited for letters from Sasuke, but she never received anything. Namiko missed the springtime, when she first met Sasuke and shared her first love with him. For the next five years, Namiko waited and waited, but there was still no sign of Sasuke. On a cloudy, windy day, Namiko decided to go to market to by ingredients for supper. Walking to the market, she walked through the path of cherry blossom trees and noticed a wilted blossom in the trees. She picked up the blossom and felt sad for no reason. She felt something in her body that signaled something terrible is coming her way. Namiko walked towards the market and entered looking for her ingredients. As she left, the store she decided to head down to the forest and wash away her heartache in the streams. Washing her hands, she began to hold her body and started to remember Sasuke’s promise to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day Off Of School

    she’s there?” Naruto asks. “We wouldn’t know.” Neji said. As they walked down, they met up with the Uchihas. “SASUKE!!” Naruto shouts. Sasuke turns around, giving that ‘what-do-you-want-loser’ look. “Have you seen, [Y/N] anywhere?” Naruto asks. Surprisingly, the Uchihas were looking for [Y/N] too. They wanted to play boards games with her. “No, I haven’t seen her.” Sasuke said in his natural tone. “Really? I wonder where could she be…” Naruto begins ruffling his hair as this was…

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  • Naruto: A Fictional Narrative

    Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, it belongs to its respectful owner: Masashi Kishimoto. This is a non-profit work, thank-you! "Sasuke..." Danzo spoke slowly, even he had pity for this clan. "I want you to slaughter every single one of the Uchiha clan, children and all." Je explained without the suttlest of any feeling. "..." Sasuke didn't even give a second thought. The air shifted and it was colder than ever before, such a beautiful night would be wasted. He clenched his fist in frustration.…

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  • Characteristics Of A Hero In Beowulf

    Naruto is an anime about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki who lives in a ninja village. He is the son of the fifth hokage who was killed by the nine tail beast, Kurama, the day he was born. Naruto’s true parents were kept a secret from the villager and Naruto himself. In Naruto’s earlier years, he was often left alone and scorned by the villagers because he had the nine tails spirit sealed inside him. Naruto gets enrolled in the academy that grooms kids to be ninja’s. In the academy the kids are…

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