Macy's Theory Of Expulsions

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Expulsions: Brutality and complexity in the Global Economy, by Saskia Sassen, grapples with the idea of “the new logics of expulsion,” and provides insight into the modern phase of capitalism. Logics of growth, the modern obsession with increasing corporate wealth gain, has created a world system of predatory foundations. The few can concentrate wealth more effectively than ever before in capitalist history, and the lower social standings bear the largest burden. Complexity and brutality go hand in hand to enable greater extraction and accumulation, and individuals who do not “fit” or challenge the logics of growth suffer expulsion. Accountability is lost in the complexity of the systems and steps necessary to complete even simple transactions. …show more content…
While most transition thinkers prioritize the systematic failures, economic ills, or governmental failures, Macy places great value on the impact of the individual and importance of grassroots feelings of connectivity. “The Work that reconnects” goes beyond being an outline for the appropriate actions to establish transition, and instructs on the core values and connections that must be present to succeed in creating a sustainable, cooperative world. The politics behind this appeal to the individual are extremely effective, because if this story of reconnection and sustainable revolution is to take place, individuals must be complicite and actively hoping for the change. Too many theories impose great social change without considering the compliance of the actors which must live in the system. Macy’s approach to transition cultivates the sustainable society at the individual level, which promotes more stable and holistic change. One question I would pose to Macy would be what happens to individuals who do not agree with or believe in the work that reconnects, and fail to establish a connection with the Earth. Some people will surely wish to continue “business as usual” regardless of the harms which they inflict. At the fringes of the new sustainable system, they will fail and be forced to survive in the system despite their disagreement, as long as a significant majority participates in the

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