Characteristics Of Globalization

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What are some of the policies used in globalization that most countries have adopted? Mexico, Canada and the United States have adopted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This policy has led to a swift increase in the movement of money, goods, and the migration of people throughout these countries. Another policy is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organization (WTO). These two policies are somehow related because they focus on helping countries build businesses and develop trade in order to make the business known worldwide. What is the main function of both The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? The main function of the International Monetary Fund is to control or manage how …show more content…
Well, one of the major characteristics of global cities According to Saskia Sassen, “First, they serve as command points of the global economy, coordinating the increasingly far-flung production of goods and services (Kleniewski, 138). In other words, the main focus is mostly on improving the global economy and also working together in order to increase the amount of goods and services that the corporation is selling or providing to the people.
Sassen stated “the global cities have also provided markets for the products produced there “(Kleniewski, 138). In other words, this is a technique used by global cities when doing worldwide trades in order for them to upsurge the production of the goods that are being sold in worldwide countries. This is also a great way for these global cities to improve the development of their worldwide corporations. This technique has made global cities get wealthier and also create corporations that are now worth
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In other words, global cities have made so much money that they now provide financial services and other specialized producer services. These Financial services include lending other corporations money until they run out of money and have to find other ways to make up for the loans that they took, such as selling their goods for a cheaper price or sharing the amount of money that is made from the corporations goods. All of this is just another way that global cities makes a

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